Street Legal


'Street Legal' Season 7 Episodes

Street Legal S7E1
Episode 1  •  October 30th, 1992

BRT and Associates: A New Beginning

Olivia awaits the birth of her child and tries to sort out the future of her relationship with Chuck. A lawyer is charged with murdering a judge. Rob suspects R.J. of slandering him to ruin his practice.

Street Legal S7E2
Episode 2  •  November 6th, 1992

Affairs of the Heart

Olivia gives birth to a baby girl. Chuck and Laura discover their attraction is mutual.

Street Legal S7E3
Episode 3  •  November 13th, 1992

Break-ups and Mergers

Rob accepts an assignment from Christian Pevril, one of the richest, most powerful men in the country, and who expects Rob to be as ruthless as necessary to get him what he wants.

Street Legal S7E4
Episode 4  •  November 13th, 1992

Persistence of Vision

Olivia reveals her new career as a movie producer and argues with Chuck over the impact her plans will have on Emily.

Street Legal S7E5
Episode 5  •  November 27th, 1992

It's a Wise Child

The future of Leon and Alana's marriage is in doubt as they argue over having children.

Street Legal S7E6
Episode 6  •  December 4th, 1992

Rules of the Game

Chuck steals a high- profile case from Laura, but finds himself caught between his conscience and his duty as a lawyer.

Street Legal S7E7
Episode 7  •  December 11th, 1992

Never Say Die

Olivia shops for two million dollars when a major investor pulls out of her movie.

Street Legal S7E8
Episode 8  •  December 18th, 1992

Lefter Than Thou

As Leon attempts to gain asylum for a feisty Mexican terrorist/ refugee, his biggest challenge is to keep her from indicting herself in the process.

Street Legal S7E9
Episode 9  •  January 1st, 1993

Believe the Children

Laura helps a family, wrongly accused of sexual abuse, to keep their child.

Street Legal S7E10
Episode 10  •  January 8th, 1993

Thicker Than Water

Rob discovers some disturbing facts from his family's past when he tries to help his schizophrenic brother.

Street Legal S7E11
Episode 11  •  January 15th, 1993

Best Interest of the Child

Chuck presents Olivia with a bill in for losses due to her interference in the Bedal case.

Street Legal S7E12
Episode 12  •  January 22nd, 1993

Pride and Prejudice

Chuck's winning streak gets him hired by a top corporate lawyer whose son has been charged with a racially- motivated killing of a black police officer.

Street Legal S7E13
Episode 13  •  January 29th, 1993


Eva Paredes persuades Leon to represent a young Guatemalan soldier who claims he was forces to serve in the army against his will and is now seeking asylm in Canada.

Street Legal S7E14
Episode 14  •  February 5th, 1993

Sex and Death

Rob represents the ex-wife of Russell's funeral home director. Olivia turns to Chuck for help when an explosion injures a crew member and Tom is charged with criminal negligence. Chuck asks Olivia to marry him, but Olivia turns him down. Dillon, much improved, and Mercedes continue to see each other. Malony becomes increasing possessive of Laura. Leon receives notice he's under investigation from the Law Society.

Street Legal S7E15
Episode 15  •  February 12th, 1993

Conduct Unbecoming

Chuck defends a gambler accused of embezzling money to play the lottery; the investigation of Leon's immigration practice becomes more serious when Mendez suddenly disappears. Eugenia calls Chuck when Emily develops a fever and she can't reach Olivia. Tom presses Olivia to convince Deborah that a rewritten scene containing nudity makes the picture better. Olivia is reluctant, but Rob convinces Deborah to take another look at it. Brian continues to pursue Laura. Alana finds out she's pregnant.

Street Legal S7E16
Episode 16  •  February 19th, 1993

The Price

Leon defends his immigration practice before the Law Society. Chuck and Olivia take their custody battle to court. Olivia is upset at Eugenia's testimony and fires her on the spot. Tom returns to Toronto to help take care of Emily. The judge leaves Emily in Olivia's custody. The RCMP is investigating Rob investments for Tassos Demetrious as possible money laundring. Mercedes surprises Dillon by arranging to have his daughters come to visit.

Street Legal S7E17
Episode 17  •  February 26th, 1993

Strange Bedfellows

More problems erupt around Olivia's film project as Rob is arrested by the RCMP for money laundering and the police seize the film, Charlotte Percy is suing for defamation and the uranium company sues for libel. Leon and Chuck team up to prevent Leon's disbarrment (Leon's been a member of the bar for 14 years); Alana has a miscarriage. Tom proposes to Olivia and she accepts.

Street Legal S7E18
Episode 18  •  March 5th, 1993

Faking It

Olivia announces she's giving up the movie business to go back to practising law. Leon hears the Law Society's decision. Olivia's movie opens; Chuck interferes in hers and Tom's wedding plans and at the end Olivia picks another man to marry.

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