'Southland' Season 4 Episodes

Southland - Season 4

Southland - Season 4

Southland, the acclaimed fast-moving series that takes you inside the lives of Los Angeles cops, criminals, victims and their families, continues with more action and intense drama. Last season, veteran cop John Cooper grew more dependent on painkillers, jeopardizing his ability to properly train rookie Ben Sherman. Detective Lydia Adams, a seasoned officer, made steps to advance her personal life -- but at the cost of losing her partner's trust.

Southland S4E1
Episode 1  •  January 17th, 2012


In the season 4 premiere of Southland, John Cooper returns to duty after recovering from back surgery and meets his new partner, Officer Jessica Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu), a tough and disciplined cop with her own set of baggage from working the streets. Lydia, whose new partner is Ruben Robinson (guest star Dorian Missick), can't seem to escape helping a former CI who won't stay in safety. Ben, Sammy and Dewey chase an armed man into an elementary school, while Ben bumps heads with an intense street cop (guest star Lou Diamond Phillips) whose cynical attitude is affecting their work.

Southland S4E2
Episode 2  •  January 24th, 2012


Tang and Cooper’s past physical problems are put to the test when they are attacked by a perp on the street. Lydia and Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) investigate a convenience store murder, and Lydia uses her typical compassionate charm to collect facts on her suspect from an unassuming grandmother (guest star Marla Gibbs). Ben and Sammy ride with another officer who is prone to small mistakes. And Joel Rucker (guest star Carl Lumbly) takes over as the new captain.

Southland S4E3
Episode 3  •  January 31st, 2012


It's Hood Day on the streets of Los Angeles, and Captain Rucker (guest star Carl Lumbly) has the department playing hall monitors. Sammy lets old grudges die hard when he leaves a gang territory unattended, only to have a violent gang war erupt throughout the city. Ben's recent mistake continues to haunt him publicly everywhere he goes. Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) practices his speech for his daughter's quinceañera in the midst of a murder investigation. Cooper and Tang investigate a robbery in a strict Orthodox Jewish home, leading Tang to reveal parts of her past.

Southland S4E4
Episode 4  •  February 7th, 2012


Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu) tries to help a homeless vet get an ID so he will be admitted to the homeless shelter. The situation opens John's eyes to his partner's past. Sammy is determined to save a dog after he accidentally shoots it in the leg. Lydia and Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) investigate the murder of a man who lent a helping hand to women in need. And Ben and Lydia each face big life changes.

Southland S4E5
Episode 5  •  February 14th, 2012


John tries to save a suicidal teen in a situation that hits extremely close to home. Sammy convinces a former addict to be an informant, with devastating consequences. Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu) gets a visit from someone in her past. And Lydia and Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) investigate a supposed home invasion that appears to have been staged to cover up a murder.

Southland S4E6
Episode 6  •  February 21st, 2012

Integrity Check

Sammy tries to make amends after the murder of a young man who agreed to testify in one of his cases. John and Tang (special guest star Lucy Lui) find themselves babysitting a documentary film crew. And Lydia is ordered to put on her uniform and serve as shift supervisor for the day, but the job could be more than her body is able to handle.

Southland S4E7
Episode 7  •  February 28th, 2012


The day just goes from bad to worse when Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu) is served legal papers in the morning and involved in a shooting in the evening. Sammy holds a grudge against Ben for not backing him up over drug evidence that may have been planted during a recent arrest. And Lydia comes to a decision about how to deal with her pregnancy.

Southland S4E8
Episode 8  •  March 6th, 2012

God's Work

Lydia and Ruben investigate the death of a young nanny that appears to be a suicide, but first they have to find the children who had been in her care. Ben makes matters worse when he tries to intervene in the life of a prostitute with a 13-year-old daughter who is about to follow her mother's career path. Jessica Tang gets good news about the boy she shot, but Cooper still believes she should admit what really happened.

Southland S4E9
Episode 9  •  March 13th, 2012


Ben finds himself heading down a slippery slope as he attempts to help the daughter of a prostitute, putting him in hot water with the woman's pimp. Lydia and Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) investigate the murder of a gang-banger who may have been killed over a graffiti tag. Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu) faces more questions about her shooting of an innocent bystander, which could determine whether she gets promoted to sergeant.

Southland S4E10
Episode 10  •  March 20th, 2012


It's the last day on patrol for Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu), as she prepares to move to another precinct as sergeant. But first she wants to tie up some loose ends on the beat. Lydia is pressured to make a decision about the extent of her police duties during the rest of her pregnancy. Ben and Ferguson (special guest star Lou Diamond Phillips) are partnered together, but Ben is bent on tracking down the woman he's been trying to help so he can protect her daughter from the abusive pimp controlling their lives.

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