(1989 - 1998) on NBC

Season 9, Episode 7  |  November 13th, 1997

The Slicer

While interviewing for a new job, George spots himself in a photo of the company owner's family. Recalling their unpleasant encounter at the beach several years ago, he decides to get rid of the photo before Mr. Kruger remembers. And when Kramer suggests airbrushing himself out of the picture, George steals it. Meanwhile, as Kramer buys a fancy new meat slicer and Elaine is kept awake by a vacationing neighbor's alarm clock, Jerry's date with a doctor goes badly when she criticizes his job.

Stunned to find that Kruger was taken out of the picture instead of him, George waits for it to be repaired as Kramer's efforts to stop the alarm clock also turn off Elaine's neighbor's automatic cat feeder. As Kramer uses his slicer to cut food that can be slipped underneath the door to the hungry cat, Jerry is unimpressed that Sara is a dermatologist until hearing a cancer patient thank her for saving his life. So when George needs a photo of Mr. Kruger without his shirt and Elaine suggests using a skin cancer screening at the office, Jerry is forced to keep dating Sara.

As Elaine tries to keep Kramer from learning that she ruined his slicer, Sara agrees to do the screening, though she wants nothing more to do with Jerry. Noticing he has a rash, Jerry then accuses her of contaminating him as revenge. And once Jerry's complaints prompt Sara to leave, Kramer pretends to be a dermatologist in order to get the photo of Kruger. Meanwhile, with Elaine accidentally locked inside her apartment where she's forced to listen to the screeching cat, George gets the photo repaired as Kramer concludes that Kruger has cancer. And after George recommends referring Kruger to a real dermatologist, Jerry discovers that his rash wasn't Sara's doing at all. Finally, after Kruger makes fun of the man in the photo, George confesses that it's him as Kramer's slicer keeps Elaine alive until she can be freed.


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