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'Saturday Night Live' Season 26 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 26

Saturday Night Live - Season 26

Saturday Night Live aired its twenty-sixth season during the 2000–2001 television season on NBC. 20 episodes were produced. The season began on October 7, 2000 and ended on May 19, 2001.

Before the start of the season Cheri Oteri, Colin Quinn, and Tim Meadows left the show. With the three of them gone, the show added two new castmembers. SNL head writer Tina Fey and Second City comedian Jerry Minor joined the cast as featured players at the start of the season. Fey had been a writer on the show since 1997 and began as the show's head writer in 1999. Rachel Dratch and Maya Rudolph remained featured players.

This would be Molly Shannon's final season on the show, leaving mid-season. Chris Parnell and Jerry Minor were both let go after this season ended. However, Chris Parnell would be re-hired midway through the next season. Michaels would later admit he made a mistake in firing Parnell from the cast and wanted him back.

With Colin Quinn's seat on Weekend Update empty, executive producer Lorne Michaels decided to have two anchors just as SNL had had in the 1970s. Jimmy Fallon and head writer Tina Fey were brought up to anchor the segment together. Because of Fey's head writer status she would appear rarely out of Weekend Update.

Saturday Night Live S26E0
Episode 0  •  November 3rd, 2000

Saturday Night Live: Presidential Bash

Saturday Night Live S26E0
Episode 0  •  February 1st, 2001

Thursday Night Live (1)

Saturday Night Live S26E0
Episode 0  •  February 8th, 2001

Thursday Night Live (2)

Saturday Night Live S26E0
Episode 0  •  May 13th, 2001

Mother's Day Special

Saturday Night Live S26E1
Episode 1  •  October 7th, 2000

Rob Lowe/Eminem

Saturday Night Live S26E2
Episode 2  •  October 14th, 2000

Kate Hudson/Radiohead

Saturday Night Live S26E3
Episode 3  •  October 21st, 2000

Dana Carvey/The Wallflowers

Saturday Night Live S26E4
Episode 4  •  November 3rd, 2000

Saturday Night Live: Presidential Bash

Saturday Night Live S26E5
Episode 5  •  November 4th, 2000

Charlize Theron/Paul Simon

Saturday Night Live S26E5
Episode 5  •  November 11th, 2000

Calista Flockhart/Ricky Martin

Saturday Night Live S26E6
Episode 6  •  November 18th, 2000

Tom Green/David Gray

Saturday Night Live S26E7
Episode 7  •  December 9th, 2000

Val Kilmer/U2

Saturday Night Live S26E8
Episode 8  •  December 16th, 2000

Lucy Liu/Jay-Z

Saturday Night Live S26E9
Episode 9  •  January 13th, 2001

Charlie Sheen/Nelly Furtado

Saturday Night Live S26E10
Episode 10  •  January 20th, 2001

Mena Suvari/Lenny Kravitz

Saturday Night Live S26E11
Episode 11  •  February 10th, 2001

Jennifer Lopez

Saturday Night Live S26E12
Episode 12  •  February 17th, 2001

Sean Hayes/Shaggy

Saturday Night Live S26E13
Episode 13  •  February 24th, 2001

Katie Holmes/Dave Matthews Band

Saturday Night Live S26E14
Episode 14  •  March 10th, 2001

Conan O'Brien/Don Henley

Saturday Night Live S26E15
Episode 15  •  March 17th, 2001

Julia Stiles/Aerosmith

Saturday Night Live S26E16
Episode 16  •  April 7th, 2001

Alec Baldwin/Coldplay

Saturday Night Live S26E17
Episode 17  •  April 14th, 2001

Renee Zellweger/Eve

Saturday Night Live S26E18
Episode 18  •  May 5th, 2001

Pierce Brosnan/Destiny's Child

Saturday Night Live S26E19
Episode 19  •  May 12th, 2001

Lara Flynn Boyle/Bon Jovi

Saturday Night Live S26E20
Episode 20  •  May 19th, 2001

Christopher Walken/Weezer

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