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'Saturday Night Live' Season 16 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 16

Saturday Night Live - Season 16

Saturday Night Live aired its sixteenth season during the 1990-1991 television season on NBC. 20 episodes were produced. The sixteenth season began on September 29, 1990, and ended on May 18, 1991.

The 16th season of SNL was a transitional one: Several longtime cast members left, and a large number of additions were made to the roster. To ensure that he was not short on talent, Michaels chose to retain most of the late 1980s cast while in the process of hiring the people that would make up the early 1990s cast. At one point during the season, sixteen people were listed as cast members or featured players.

Saturday Night Live S16E1
Episode 1  •  September 29th, 1990

Kyle MacLachlan/Sinead O'Connor

Golden Globe winnier Kyle MacLachlan hosts the season premier.

Saturday Night Live S16E2
Episode 2  •  October 6th, 1990

Susan Lucci/Hothouse Flowers

Susan Lucci takes a break from the daytime soaps to be a late night host.

Saturday Night Live S16E3
Episode 3  •  October 20th, 1990

George Steinbrenner/The Time

The famous (or for some, infamous) episode hosted by NY Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

Saturday Night Live S16E4
Episode 4  •  October 27th, 1990

Patrick Swayze/Mariah Carey

Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze hosts, featuring the famous Chippendales sketch opposite Chris Farley .

Saturday Night Live S16E5
Episode 5  •  November 10th, 1990

Jimmy Smits/World Party

Golden Globe winning actor Jimmy Smits hosts, with a special guest appearance by Bob Costas.

Saturday Night Live S16E6
Episode 6  •  November 17th, 1990

Dennis Hopper/Paul Simon

Dennis Hopper makes another appearance as host.

Saturday Night Live S16E7
Episode 7  •  December 1st, 1990

John Goodman/Faith No More

John Goodman became a frequent visitor to SNL, this time as host. With an appearance by Mick Jagger.

Saturday Night Live S16E8
Episode 8  •  December 8th, 1990

Tom Hanks/Edie Brickell and New Bohemians

Two-time Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks joins the Five Timers club when he hosts this 1990 episode.

Saturday Night Live S16E9
Episode 9  •  December 15th, 1990

Dennis Quaid/Neville Brothers

Golden Globe nominated actor Dennis Quaid hosts. Special guest appearance by Jon Lovitz.

Saturday Night Live S16E10
Episode 10  •  January 12th, 1991

Joe Mantegna/Vanilla Ice

Joe Mantegna trades Chicago for New York when he hosts SNL.

Saturday Night Live S16E11
Episode 11  •  January 19th, 1991


Grammy winning musician Sting is the host and the musical guest this week.

Saturday Night Live S16E12
Episode 12  •  February 9th, 1991

Kevin Bacon/INXS

Many degrees of Kevin Bacon are created when the actor hosts SNL.

Saturday Night Live S16E13
Episode 13  •  February 16th, 1991

Roseanne Barr/Dee-Lite

Golden Globe winning actress Roseanne Barr hosts with special guest appearances by Jon Lovitz and Tom Arnold.

Saturday Night Live S16E14
Episode 14  •  February 23rd, 1991

Alec Baldwin/Whitney Houston

Alec Baldwin is back for a second time as host. It won't be his last.

Saturday Night Live S16E15
Episode 15  •  March 16th, 1991

Michael J. Fox/The Black Crowes

Michael J. Fox, The Family Ties and Back to the Future star, hosts.

Saturday Night Live S16E16
Episode 16  •  March 23rd, 1991

Jeremy Irons/Fishbone

Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons shows he can yuk it up when he hosts SNL.

Saturday Night Live S16E17
Episode 17  •  April 13th, 1991

Catherine O'Hara/R.E.M.

SCTV vet and Christopher Guest movie mainstay Catherine O'Hara is the guest host, with a special guest appearance by Randy Quaid.

Saturday Night Live S16E18
Episode 18  •  April 20th, 1991

Steven Seagal/Michael Bolton

Martial arts expert and action star Steven Segal hosts.

Saturday Night Live S16E19
Episode 19  •  May 11th, 1991

Delta Burke/Chris Isaak

Emmy nominated actress Delta Burke is the host.

Saturday Night Live S16E20
Episode 20  •  May 18th, 1991

George Wendt/Elvis Costello

George Wendt hosts, which means a sketch of Bill Swerski's Super Fans!

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