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'Paranormal Witness' Season 2 Episodes

Paranormal Witness - Season 2

Paranormal Witness - Season 2

This Season Pass includes all current episodes and will include future episodes after broadcast date as they become available. Using a mixture of intimate first-hand testimony, actual home video and gritty realistic drama, the hit series "Paranormal Witness" returns for Season 2 to transport viewers into a world turned upside-down by extraordinary, terrifying and sometimes life-threatening paranormal events. Don't watch it alone!

Paranormal Witness S2E1
Episode 1  •  August 8th, 2012

Man In The Attic

A young mother must protect her children from the unruly spirit that's haunting her house.

Paranormal Witness S2E2
Episode 2  •  August 15th, 2012

Brooklyn Haunting

A family moves into a dilapidated Brooklyn, NY townhouse that could be their dream home. A basement excavation reveals a strange door leading to a dirt-filled room. When the kids go inside to explore, they awaken half-century-old phenomena that leaves the family paralyzed in their beds. Night terrors, ghoulish whispers, physical attacks and a mysterious wedding dress are only the start of the family's haunting.

Paranormal Witness S2E3
Episode 3  •  August 22nd, 2012

Capitol Theater Haunting

A Salt Lake City police officer is thrilled to be posted to graveyard shift guard duty at the prestigious Capitol Theatre as his first assignment. But, night after night, the cop and his partners find themselves investigating slamming doors, burning smells and other strange happenings in the supposedly empty building.

Paranormal Witness S2E4
Episode 4  •  August 29th, 2012

The Dybbuk Box

Portland, Oregon antique store owner Kevin Mannis buys an old wine box from the estate sale of a 103-year old Holocaust survivor in Portland, Oregon. The late woman's granddaughter tells him it is a ''Dybbuk Box" - containing an evil spirit - and warns him not to open it. Kevin can't resist opening the box, though. Inside is a strange collection of antique keepsakes. In opening the box, Kevin unleashes a malevolent spirit that wreaks havoc on his life and leaves his mother paralyzed by a stroke.

Paranormal Witness S2E5
Episode 5  •  September 5th, 2012

Lady On The Stairs

A widower and his new wife move into his old house and begin an idyllic life as newlyweds. But then, frightening phenomena begins happening at home and at their store.

Paranormal Witness S2E6
Episode 6  •  September 12th, 2012

The Apartment

A single mom and her 4-year-old daughter move to an apartment complex in a Californian town. That night, the mom starts having horrific nightmares. When the paranormal activity in the apartment ramps up, the mom goes on a journey to discover the identity of the spirit who might be haunting her and stumbles upon a horrifying possibility.

Paranormal Witness S2E7
Episode 7  •  September 19th, 2012

The Real Haunting in Connecticut

A family moves into a perfect colonial house in Connecticut, only to discover it was once a funeral parlor. It doesn't take long before family members are attacked in their beds at night, children start seeing shadowy figures and blood appears to ooze from the floor. The haunting leads to a violent showdown between the mom and the demons in the house.

Paranormal Witness S2E8
Episode 8  •  September 26th, 2012

Fox Hollow Farm

A family buys a mansion on the outskirts of Indianapolis, undeterred by the fact that it was once the home of Indiana's notorious serial killer, Herb Baumeister, who brought his victims back to the house before killing them and burying them in the woods. After moving in, the family sees apparitions of young men running across their property. Eventually they begin to suspect that Herb's spirit is haunting them, leading them on a quest to unearth the remains of his forgotten victims.

Paranormal Witness S2E9
Episode 9  •  October 3rd, 2012

The Abduction

For the first time, all the key people involved in the most famous alien abduction case in history reveal what they saw and experienced during a special 90-minute episode of Paranormal Witness.

Paranormal Witness S2E10
Episode 10  •  October 10th, 2012

The Cabin/Ghost in the Darkness

A married couple and their daughter moves into a small ranch house in the outskirts of London, Ohio. Soon, the wife feels like she's being watched and is convinced that there's a "Peeping Tom" lurking around their house. In North Carolina, a man builds a new house on the spot of his family's former plantation... and immediately starts seeing an apparition of a little red-haired girl running across his backyard.

Paranormal Witness S2E11
Episode 11  •  October 17th, 2012

Hollywood Sign Haunting/The Good Skeleton

Four friends in Los Angeles hike up the Hollywood Hills, eager to touch the Hollywood sign. On their way back down, they encounter an unlikely hiker - a lone, elegant woman in a long white dress with her face covered by a veil. Was she the famed Lady in White? Elsewhere, a family moves into an old farm cottage in Yuba City, California, and discovers that the house comes with its own ghostly protector.

Paranormal Witness S2E12
Episode 12  •  October 24th, 2012

The Tenants

Newlyweds become homeowners for the first time after buying a "Chicago two-flat" in 1970. After moving in, they discover that they are not alone in the house. In the process of learning the identities of the "ghostly tenants" living with them, they uncover sinister secrets about the house's former occupants.

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