One Day at a Time


'One Day at a Time' Season 2 Episodes

One Day at a Time S2E1
Episode 1  •  September 28th, 1976

The Runaways (1)

Julie turns to her boyfriend when she and her mother reach an impasse regarding education, employment and marriage.

One Day at a Time S2E2
Episode 2  •  October 5th, 1976

The Runaways (2)

Ann is overcome by guilt after Chuck and Julie run away.

One Day at a Time S2E3
Episode 3  •  October 12th, 1976

The Runaways (3)

Schneider uses CB radio to search for Julie and her boyfriend.

One Day at a Time S2E4
Episode 4  •  October 19th, 1976

The Runaways (4)

Their possessions stolen, runaways Julie and her boyfriend consider calling Barbara for help.

One Day at a Time S2E5
Episode 5  •  October 26th, 1976

Barbara's Emergence

Hoping to attract desirable males, Barbara decides to change her image.

One Day at a Time S2E6
Episode 6  •  November 9th, 1976

David's New Job (1)

David returns from Los Angeles with a job offer and hopes of marrying Ann.

One Day at a Time S2E7
Episode 7  •  November 16th, 1976

David's New Job (2)

As David works on Barbara and Julie, and as they pressure Ann to consider marrying David, Ann is faced with a serious decision..... she is not ready to marry again. David goes on without her.

One Day at a Time S2E8
Episode 8  •  November 23rd, 1976

The Upholstery Ripoff

Ann must deal with an upholstery ripoff that invades her home.

One Day at a Time S2E9
Episode 9  •  November 30th, 1976

Schneider's Pride and Joy

Schneider touts his visiting nephew as a model gentleman, unaware that the youth is a thief.

One Day at a Time S2E10
Episode 10  •  December 7th, 1976

A Visit from Dad

Ann's visiting father tries to persuade her to return home.

One Day at a Time S2E11
Episode 11  •  December 14th, 1976

The Maestro

Ann finds herself attracted to the piano player who has moved into the building.

One Day at a Time S2E12
Episode 12  •  December 28th, 1976

Happy New Year

The girls put on a New Year's show at a retirement home.

One Day at a Time S2E13
Episode 13  •  January 4th, 1977

J.C. and Julie (1)

Julie's religious zeal is driving Ann and Barbara crazy.

One Day at a Time S2E14
Episode 14  •  January 11th, 1977

J.C. and Julie (2)

Julie applies her religious zeal to a drunken derelict, whom she found in a garbage can.

One Day at a Time S2E15
Episode 15  •  January 18th, 1977

The New Car

Ann won't allow her ex-husband to spoil Julie and Barbara with a new car.

One Day at a Time S2E16
Episode 16  •  January 25th, 1977

Schneider Loves Ginny

Schneider expects Ginny to leap at his marriage proposal.

One Day at a Time S2E17
Episode 17  •  February 1st, 1977

Ginny's Child

Ginny is always depressed after her mysterious Sunday excursions.

One Day at a Time S2E18
Episode 18  •  February 8th, 1977

Julie's Operation

With the family doctor away and Julie down with possible appendicitis, Ann accepts the services of a young resident.

One Day at a Time S2E19
Episode 19  •  February 15th, 1977

The Traveling Salesperson

Ann's boss has second thoughts about a woman's ability to handle the job he just gave to Ann

One Day at a Time S2E20
Episode 20  •  February 22nd, 1977

The Butterfields

Julie writes Chuck a Dear John letter, while Ann finds herself in the middle of a feud between Chuck's parents.

One Day at a Time S2E21
Episode 21  •  March 1st, 1977

Barbara Plus Two

Barbara accepts an invitation to a school dance, then can't turn another one down.

One Day at a Time S2E22
Episode 22  •  March 8th, 1977

The Singles Bar

Ginny persuades Ann to go to a singles bar.

One Day at a Time S2E23
Episode 23  •  March 15th, 1977

The College Question

Tired from cramming for entrance exams, Julie doesn't want to go to college any more.

One Day at a Time S2E24
Episode 24  •  March 22nd, 1977

The Girls Alone (a.k.a.) Where's Mama?

Barbara and Julie want to sneak out to a party on a school night, while Ann is away on a business trip to Las Vegas. But the girls are fearful that their mother might find out that they're heading to the party, so they try to reach Ann via a phone call, only to learn that she didn't reach her hotel.

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