'Martin' Season 1 Episodes

Martin - Season 1

Martin - Season 1

Martin Payne is a brash radio personality who always speaks his mind, often to the frustration of Gina, his feisty but eternally forgiving girlfriend. Always around are Martin's "hang out partners," Tommy, Cole, and Pam, a co-worker of Gina's.

Martin S1E1
Episode 1  •  August 27th, 1992

Beauty and the Beast

Gina wins her fight with Martin when she chews him out over insensitive remarks he made about women, but agrees to pretend he won if he'll attend a formal dinner with her. Sheneneh and Pam fight.

Martin S1E2
Episode 2  •  September 3rd, 1992

The Gift Rapper

Martin makes the mistake of forgetting their anniversary, then runs to get Gina some lingerie.

Martin S1E3
Episode 3  •  September 10th, 1992

Things I Did for Love

Martin's crass comments on the air draw a rash of hate calls so he decides to prove his romantic nature by taking Gina dancing.

Martin S1E4
Episode 4  •  September 17th, 1992

Boyz 'R Us

Martin's shocked and embarrassed when the whole city discovers Gina makes more than he does.

Martin S1E5
Episode 5  •  September 24th, 1992

Dead Men Don't Flush

Martin calls a plumber to fix his broken toilet, but the workman dies in his bathroom.

Martin S1E6
Episode 6  •  October 1st, 1992

Forever Sheneneh

Sheneneh wins a date with Christopher "Kid" Reid, and goes overboard in her eagerness to seduce him.

Martin S1E7
Episode 7  •  October 8th, 1992

The Parents Are Coming, the Parents Are Coming

Martin makes a fool of himself in front of Gina's conservative parents.

Martin S1E8
Episode 8  •  October 15th, 1992

Woman with a Past

Martin's jealous when he learns his talk show guest once dated Gina.

Martin S1E9
Episode 9  •  October 22nd, 1992

Baby, It's Cole'd in Here

Cole takes Martin's advice to stand up to his mother, then comes to Martin for help when she kicks him out.

Martin S1E10
Episode 10  •  October 29th, 1992

The Night He Came Home

On Halloween, Martin and his friends gather at his apartment to share scary ghost stories. But they all get scared out of their wits after they perform a seance to communicate with the dead and call forth the spirit of old man Ackerman.

Martin S1E11
Episode 11  •  November 5th, 1992

The Great Payne Robbery

Martin's apartment is burglarized and he plots to catch the thief.

Martin S1E12
Episode 12  •  November 12th, 1992

Three Men and a Mouse

Martin's desperate to rid his house of a mouse so Gina will return, but his eccentric exterminator fails to do the job.

Martin S1E13
Episode 13  •  November 19th, 1992

Radio Days

A talk-radio starlet catches Martin's eye.

Martin S1E14
Episode 14  •  December 3rd, 1992

I've Got a Secret

Martin loses his friends when he lets out a secret on the air.

Martin S1E15
Episode 15  •  December 17th, 1992

I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus

Martin dresses up as Santa for Tommy's Big Brother program.

Martin S1E16
Episode 16  •  January 14th, 1993

Do the Fight Thing

Martin and Gina's on-air fight is such a hit, Stan wants to make her a regular, but Martin's unenthusiastic.

Martin S1E17
Episode 17  •  January 21st, 1993

Blackboard Jungle Fever

Martin hosts Career Day at his old elementary school and is hit on by his former third-grade teacher. When Gina walks in, she misunderstands the scene and dumps him.

Martin S1E18
Episode 18  •  February 11th, 1993

Break Up (1)

A fight over a Valentine's Day gift splits Martin and Gina. First of a three-part episode.

Martin S1E19
Episode 19  •  February 11th, 1993

Break Up (2)

Gina goes on a date with Pam's cousin while Martin meets an interested woman when Cole and Tommy take him to a club. Second of a three-part episode.

Martin S1E20
Episode 20  •  February 18th, 1993

Break Up (3)

Radio guest Billy Dee Williams convinces Martin to win Gina back, so he bursts in on her date with another man. Third of a three-part episode.

Martin S1E21
Episode 21  •  February 25th, 1993

I'm Not Your Superwoman

Gina loses patience when a flu-stricken Martin expects constant attention and mothering.

Martin S1E22
Episode 22  •  March 18th, 1993

Credit Card Blues

Martin's friends try to prove he's innocent when he's arrested for credit card fraud.

Martin S1E23
Episode 23  •  April 1st, 1993

Jerome's in the House

Pam accepts a date with Jerome.

Martin S1E24
Episode 24  •  April 22nd, 1993

Your Arms Are Too Short to Box with Martin

Martin is faced with an angry gang of midgets, and learns a new lesson in bigotry.

Martin S1E25
Episode 25  •  April 29th, 1993

Variety Show

Martin gets to produce the station's charity variety show, but the authority goes to his head.

Martin S1E26
Episode 26  •  May 6th, 1993

Baby You Can Drive My Car

When the gang wins a new car, attempts to share it equally lead to chaos.

Martin S1E27
Episode 27  •  May 13th, 1993

Checks, Lies, and Videotape

Martin and Gina expose the con artist preacher who bilked Martin's mother out of thousands of dollars.

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