Killer Instinct


'Killer Instinct' Season 1 Episodes

Killer Instinct S1E1
Episode 1  •  September 23rd, 2005


Detective Jack Hale took a hiatus from the force when his partner died in the line of duty. Now back at work for the San Francisco Police Department’s Deviant Crime Unit, Hale is taking on the bizarre and deviant crimes committed by San Francisco’s most aberrant criminals. In his latest case, Hale tries to find an answer for the inexplicable deaths of healthy young women who seem to have died in their sleep. The investigation leads the detective to the lab of a local professor and a realization that makes everyone’s skin crawl.

Killer Instinct S1E2
Episode 2  •  September 30th, 2005

Five Easy Pieces

Detective Jack Hale meets his “real” partner, Detective Danielle Carter, after learning Lyford was a plant by Lt. Cavanaugh to ensure he was ready to return to the toughest unit of the S.F.P.D. While Hale is getting to know and trust his new rookie partner, he and Carter must contend with a murderer who seems to be taking back the life-saving gifts from organ donor recipients. Not only are they in a race against time to stop this bizarre pattern of murders, but they also are beginning to realize that the motives for a crime can expose the monsters that may lurk just beneath the surface of all of us.

Killer Instinct S1E3
Episode 3  •  October 7th, 2005

13 going on 30

Episode summary coming soon.

Killer Instinct S1E4
Episode 4  •  October 21st, 2005

O Brother, Where Art Thou

The squad has difficulty untangling the murders of a pair of twins, because all clues point in the same impossible direction. Meanwhile, Hale is thrown off balance when he becomes responsible for someone besides himself.

Killer Instinct S1E5
Episode 5  •  October 28th, 2005

Die Like an Egyptian

Detective Danielle Carter learns more about the definition of a deviant crime, she and Hale continue to forge their relationship as partners, and despite Hale’s best efforts, he is beginning to warm to her. Meanwhile, Hale and Carter are thrust into the dark underworld of Egyptian mythology as bizarre crimes involving ancient hieroglyphs and rituals have the D.C.U. on a hunt for one person’s quest for the impossible.

Killer Instinct S1E6
Episode 6  •  November 4th, 2005

Who's Your Daddy?

Killer Instinct S1E7
Episode 7  •  November 11th, 2005

Game Over

When Lt. Ray Cavanaugh is faced with the possibility that he convicted the wrong person for a crime, he and his team are thrust into the obsessive world of gaming and the deviant way in which players are reenacting murder scenes from their favorite video games.

Killer Instinct S1E8
Episode 8  •  November 18th, 2005

Forget me not?

Keeping Detective Jack Hale and Detective Danielle Carter from solving a killing spree is a victim who survived the attack but can’t remember anything about it. What the D.C.U. doesn’t realize is that the victim holds more in his mind than just the memory of who tried to kill him.

Killer Instinct S1E9
Episode 9  •  December 2nd, 2005

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Killer Instinct S1E10
Episode 10  •  Unknown

She's the Bomb

Whilst at a wedding, Carter witnesses the first in a chain of deaths that confuse the Deviant Crime Unit and the bomb squad. As little evidence for the cause of deaths is left at the scenes of the crimes, both departments are stuck for answers. There is a twist when Jack and Carter soon discover that everything was not as it originally seemed.

Killer Instinct S1E11
Episode 11  •  Unknown

While You Were Sleeping

Chloe Middledorf is murdered whilst at a university sleep clinic, Jack Hale and Danielle Carter from the Deviant Crime Unit investigate, although they suspect the professor of the research, they soon realise that he is not guilty of using objects found at the crime scene to murder the girl.

Killer Instinct S1E12
Episode 12  •  Unknown

Love Hurts

The three-man detective squad in Port Hueneme, California struggles with three violent homicides in the span of two months. Are the crimes connected? Is a serial killer roaming the streets of the pretty seaside town? When the cases go cold, Mark Safarik

Killer Instinct S1E13
Episode 13  •  Unknown

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

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