Season 7, Episode 2  |  June 16th, 2013

Art Attack

VP Express finally delivers their first loads of the season, but after a heated confrontation with owners Hugh Rowland and Vlad Pleskot, new hire Art Burke falls behind the bosses on the way back home. When his truck breaks down hundreds of miles from Winnipeg, Art suddenly finds himself stranded and alone. Polar snags a lucrative new contract, but it's over one of the most dangerous roads in Manitoba. Darrell Ward is the first to blaze the trail, but when he fails to conquer a mammoth incline, he's sent rolling backwards onto the ice. Fellow Polar drivers Lisa Kelly and Alex Debogorski follow close behind, but Lisa's broken wrist threatens to shut her down in the remote Canadian wilderness.

In This Episode (8 actors)

Thom Beers


Art Burke

Himself - Ice Road Trucker: VP Express

Alex Debogorski

Himself - Ice Road Trucker: Polar Industries

Lisa Kelly

Herself - Ice Road Trucker: Polar Industries

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