House Hunters


'House Hunters' Season 52 Episodes

House Hunters S52E1
Episode 1  •  August 12th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Scottsdale, AZ; Sherman Oaks, CA; Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY

Ever wonder what happens after our house hunters choose their new homes? In this episode we revisit some of our most memorable buyers to see the stories that unfolded after our cameras stopped rolling. First, we return to Portland, Oregon, where TV weather forecaster Sophie and her salesman husband, Donovan, decided to used their $250,000 budget to buy the worst house on the best block. They took on a major renovation, all by themselves, and the results are remarkable. Next, we check in with Jamie and Ben, first time buyers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who managed to find a home within their $300,000 budget with everything they wanted, except a driveway! You'll see what it took to turn their promising place into something perfect, just in time for a very special surprise. Finally, we head to Cincinnati, Ohio, where single dad Doug was prepared to spend $2 million dollars on a spacious home to host his three daughters. He found a fixer-upper in a gorgeous setting, but when he embarked on his renovation project, discovered it was going to take a lot more than he ever imagined to create his ideal family home.

House Hunters S52E2
Episode 2  •  August 13th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Las Vegas; Wilmington, NC; Destin, FL

Ever wonder what happens after our house hunters choose their new homes? In this episode we revisit some of our most memorable buyers to see the stories that unfolded after our cameras stopped rolling. First, we take you to Tampa, Florida, where Sarah and Weber were searching for a $500,000 home big enough to raise their two young children. They found a fixer, and embarked on a project that made them vow, never again!. Next, we check in with Barry, whose new job had taken him from chilly Chicago to even more frigid Syracuse, New York. Working with a modest $150,000 budget, he found an old mansion with lots of promise, and he'll reveal how his renovation turned into a truly life-changing experience. Finally, we're off to Vieques, Puerto Rico, where fashion model Filippa was prepared to spend $400,000 to buy a tranquil getaway, far from the hustle and bustle of New York City. She chose an unfinished place with an unforgettable view, and launched a renovation to create her own tropical paradise. Her new home and new life are full of surprises.

House Hunters S52E3
Episode 3  •  August 14th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - New Orleans; Chicago

A man who reluctantly agreed to take on a fixer-upper project shares the results; and a couple reveal some of the rocky moments they had while renovating a big New Orleans home. Also: Newlyweds in Chicago are told that their turn-of-the-century house contains a ticking time bomb.

House Hunters S52E4
Episode 4  •  August 15th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - New Haven, CT; Dallas; Glendale

A look at renovations made to a Colonial home near New Haven, Conn.; a Dallas fixer-upper; and a Spanish-style abode in Glendale, Los Angeles. Also: a colorful and eclectic makeover.

House Hunters S52E5
Episode 5  •  August 16th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - San Francisco; Davidson, NC; Boston

Two men on a small budget successfully complete an eco-chic makeover in San Francisco; and a woman reveals how a renovation in Davidson, N.C., didn't turn out as she had expected. Also: Boston newlyweds tackle fixing up a ranch house.

House Hunters S52E6
Episode 6  •  August 19th, 2013

First Comes House, Then Comes Marriage in the Chicago Suburbs

Tom and Tracy were tired of dating long-distance, so they decided to do something drastic: they moved into Tracy's parents' house with her parents and her brother. The plan was to save enough money to buy a place of their own, so they could move on to the next step: saving money for an engagement ring. But finding an affordable dream home in the Chicago suburbs isn't as easy as they thought. They may need to give up their hopes for a two-car garage and a master bath if they ever hope to get a ring on Tracy's finger.

House Hunters S52E7
Episode 7  •  August 20th, 2013

San Francisco Salesman Seeks Palm Springs Vacation Paradise

As a fan of the TV show, The Golden Girls, Michael has always dreamed of owning a vacation home where he can eventually live in retirement with his best friends - who he calls The Golden Boys. Wanting a change from foggy San Francisco, he's decided to look for his dream house in sunny Palm Springs, and he's asked three of The Golden Boys to help him with his search. With so many different opinions to consider, can he find a place that will make him and his friends happy well into their Golden years?

House Hunters S52E8
Episode 8  •  August 21st, 2013

Tampa Couple Has a Hard Time Finding a Home They Can Agree On

Nick and his fiancee, Jennifer, currently live in Nick's bachelor pad. It's located in a great area of South Tampa, but it's a 3-story townhome with the kitchen on the 1st floor, and the master bedroom on the top level. Since Nick and Jennifer plan on having several children, they'd like to buy a larger home with a more family-friendly layout. But finding a place they both like will be a challenge since Nick wants a modern home with Spanish Mediterranean flair, while Jennifer prefers older Victorian style homes with lots of charm and character. Will Nick and Jennifer be able to meet in the middle and agree on a home that will take them into the next chapter of their lives?

House Hunters S52E9
Episode 9  •  August 29th, 2013

San Diego Family Searches for Vintage Cottage by the Bay

Young parents, Andrew and Terrie, love the laid-back lifestyle in Ocean Beach, a neighborhood in San Diego, California. But raising two little girls in a cramped rental apartment is no longer working, especially when everyone is crowded into the hot galley kitchen at the same time. They're searching for a starter home with tons of vintage charm for Terrie, and a large yard for Andrew. But even with a $575,000 budget, they'll both have to make big sacrifices to find their dream cottage by the bay.

House Hunters S52E10
Episode 10  •  September 2nd, 2013

TV Personality Looks for a Mid-Century Retreat in Palm Springs

House Hunters S52E11
Episode 11  •  September 3rd, 2013

Vancouver Couple Seeks Dream Vacation House on Lush Hawaiian Island

After extensive research, a Vancouver couple has decided to focus their search for a vacation home on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, even though they've never been there. They're hoping to find someplace close to the beach with plenty of backyard space for their two small children. But even with a million dollar budget, they soon discover that they can't get everything they want. Can they make their Hawaiian dream come true?

House Hunters S52E12
Episode 12  •  September 4th, 2013

The Neverending House Hunt in Denver

Brett and Laura are recently engaged, but have been on the hunt for a new home in Denver for what seems like forever. Brett is resistant to buying a place in the burbs, where she wants to live, even though finding a place in the city with all the indoor and outdoor space they want will be nearly impossible on their budget. Can Laura convince him to abandon his dreams of downtown and settle in suburbia?

House Hunters S52E13
Episode 13  •  September 5th, 2013

Wife Wants a Big House in Ohio But Her Husband Wants to Downsize

Jordan and Allison are ready to buy a house for their young family in Sylvania, Ohio. While Jordan wants something smaller than their expansive rental house, Allie wants to buy big since they plan to have more kids. Allie also needs a homeschooling room and a photography studio, extra rooms that are hard to find in smaller homes. Will this couple be able to come to a compromise and find a home that works for their family?

House Hunters S52E14
Episode 14  •  September 6th, 2013

Chicago Couple Seeks House with Enough Space for Chickens

Chicago couple, Scribner and Amanda, are looking to get out of their five-hundred square foot apartment and into a house with a lot more space for themselves, plus room in the back for their latest interest: urban chickens. But their style preferences are not the same. She wants a place with plenty of vintage charm. He prefers something with modern updates, especially in the kitchen. Can this hip young couple find a nest that will make them both happy?

House Hunters S52E15
Episode 15  •  September 9th, 2013

Moving to Atlantic City for the Coast Guard

Matt, a pilot with the Coast Guard, and his wife, Amber, recently relocated from San Francisco to Atlantic City for his job. They'd like to purchase something updated and low-maintenace to rent out when Matt gets transferred again in a few years. Important features in their new home include a garage for Matt's classic car, as well as a modern kitchen for Amber, who is learning to cook.

House Hunters S52E16
Episode 16  •  September 10th, 2013

Triathlete Wants a Home with History in Wilmington, North Carolina

Shaun has been staying at his parents' weekend house since he sold his starter home in Wilmington, North Carolina a few months ago. Now he's in a hurry to find a new place with historic charm, and a big yard with trees. But his sister Kellie, who's accompanying him on his search, thinks his refusal to compromise on his wish list is going to make finding the right home nearly impossible, and she may be right.

House Hunters S52E17
Episode 17  •  September 11th, 2013

Recent Connecticut Transplants Buy Their First Home Together

Alicia and Gio moved to Connecticut from New Jersey thanks to Gio's job transfer. They're newly married and the next step for them is buying a home. She likes older charm, but he wants a home as new as possible so he won't have to spend time fixing it up. They've already seen over 75 places so far, and can't agree on one. As the winter weather sets in, they're determined to get into a house by spring.

House Hunters S52E18
Episode 18  •  September 12th, 2013

Young D.C. Couple Debates Merits of a Single Family Home Vs. Townhouse

With their rent scheduled to jump twenty percent, Alyson and Brian have decided to take the leap from renting to owning. But he wants a modern, low maintenance, townhome and she wants a cozy, single family home with a big yard. Throw in Brian's non-negotiable need for an in-house sports bar and they are going to have to overcome some serious house hunting gridlock in the D.C. suburbs.

House Hunters S52E19
Episode 19  •  September 13th, 2013

Couple Bickers Over Country Vs. City in Columbia, Missouri

After landing the job of Assistant Director for Athletic Performance at the University of Missouri, Lee and his fiance, Danyale, are moving from Texas to Columbia, Missouri. With plans to have a family, they've decided to buy a large 4 bedroom home, but they aren't on the same page with anything else. He wants lots of acreage in the country, so he can avoid being close to the neighbors. She wants to be in a neighborhood close to town, in a community where they can raise their future family. Will they end up in the country, or the city?

House Hunters S52E20
Episode 20  •  September 16th, 2013

Oahu Native Looks for Hawaiian Style in Virginia Beach

Recent Virginia Beach tranplants and newlyweds, Corey and Michelle, are looking to buy their first home. Corey, who travels a lot for work, is just looking for a place that has little maintenance and a man cave where he can unwind. An Oahu native, Michelle's looking for a place that's walking distance to the beach, and has a formal dining area to entertain, a large kitchen with all updated appliances, and a brick exterior like the house she grew up in. She's completely opposed to ranches and homes that have bedrooms on the first floor, for fear of break-ins.

House Hunters S52E21
Episode 21  •  September 17th, 2013

Wisconsin Real Estate Agent Struggles to Find a Home for His Own Family

Madison, Wisconsin, real estate agent, Josh, is used to demanding clients. But he didn't expect house hunting with his own wife, Jenna, to be his such a challenge. Jenna cares more about the size and design features, while Josh is focused on being in a location where he can ride his bike to work. Josh may have no trouble finding the right home for other people, but will this agent come through with the perfect place for his family to live in?

House Hunters S52E22
Episode 22  •  September 18th, 2013

NASA Employee Looks for Huge Home in Houston

NASA administrator, Omar, wants to buy a huge home in the Houston suburbs where he can create the ultimate bachelor pad. He wants over 3,000 square feet, a media room and game room, plus a huge yard where he can plant his beloved fruit trees. On a strict $240,000 budget, getting it all won't be easy. Making matters worse, his sister, Aisha, and agent, Sandra, are pushing their own glam styles on this no-frills bachelor, and are convinced that all the square footage he wants would be put to better use if he were married off.

House Hunters S52E23
Episode 23  •  September 19th, 2013

Tennessee Couple Can't Agree on Buying a New Build or Older with Charm

Jeremy and Margaret sold their condo after the birth of their son, and have been living with her parents while they house hunt in Knoxville, Tennessee. While they're ready to get back out on their own, house hunting has proven to be a challenge. Jeremy wants a new build where no updating is needed, but his wife prefers something older with character. Who will win the age-old house hunting fight - old vs. new?

House Hunters S52E24
Episode 24  •  September 20th, 2013

Tall Couple in Tampa Seeks House with High Ceilings

At 6'6" and 5'11" Courtney and Jason are tired of ducking through doorways. They're looking for a house with high ceilings and plenty of headroom that's close to downtown Tampa. They also want a large master bedroom and spacious walk-in closet. Plus, Jason wants a master bathroom with plenty of space, since he currently shares their small guest bathroom with their three cats.

House Hunters S52E25
Episode 25  •  September 23rd, 2013

Nurse Makes Fresh Start on a Tiny Budget in Small Town Georgia

Cardiac nurse, Connie, is recently divorced and ready to make a fresh start in a new town. She's moved to the small town of Rome, Georgia to be close to family, and wants to buy a home that's close to the city center where the action is. But her grown daughter, Brandie, would rather see her mom buy in a quiet suburb, and while Connie's open to a fixer, Brandie insists that she finds something more move-in ready, so she can start her new single life hassle-free. But with a budget of just $70,000, both women will be forced to compromise.

House Hunters S52E26
Episode 26  •  September 24th, 2013

John and Steve Move from Rural Texas to Washington D.C.

John and Steve have just moved to Washington D.C. for Steve's research work with the USDA. Sticker shock quickly sets in as they look for a new place; they're used to big rooms, big yards and small price tags in the rural Texas town they lived in. Making matters worse, their budget cannot exceed $250,000 and they don't agree on the type of neighborhood they want. Steve wants a more urban setting, while John wants to live in a more surburban area.

House Hunters S52E27
Episode 27  •  September 25th, 2013

Artsy First Time Buyers Debate Old Vs. New in Little Rock

First time buyers Joel and Candace want a home in Little Rock that has a large creative space and a style that speaks to their artistic sensibilities. But he wants a woodsy fixer he can put his mark on, and she wants modern and move-in ready. And their limited budget won't leave them with many choices.

House Hunters S52E28
Episode 28  •  September 26th, 2013

Interor Designer's Vintage Dreams Vs. Brotherly Advice in Michigan

As an interior designer, Diane dreams of finding a vintage home with architectural detail in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But her brother, Chris, thinks older homes are more trouble than their worth, with hidden problems and expensive updating. Can he get her to look past the hardwood floors and crown moulding to see his point of view?

House Hunters S52E29
Episode 29  •  September 27th, 2013

Single Mom Looks for Home with Teen Daughter in Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho, single mom, Kindra, wants a unique home in the suburbs that's close to her teenage daughter Kelsi's, school. With her brother Bryce along on the house hunt, she'll see if it's possible to find the vaulted ceilings, upgraded kitchens and baths that she loves, in the location she prefers.

House Hunters S52E30
Episode 30  •  September 30th, 2013

Young Couple in Ohio Looks for Home After Being Robbed in Rental

Within a few days of arriving in Columbus, Ohio, a young couple and their 2 year old daughter were robbed, and didn't feel safe in their rental. So they've broken their lease and are looking to buy a home. They would like a 4 bedroom, move-in ready house with a large fenced in backyard. But with just $150,000 to spend, will they find their safe haven?

House Hunters S52E31
Episode 31  •  October 1st, 2013

Low Budget Blues in Memphis

Joshua, a musician, and Tracy, a first grade teacher, are a young newlywed couple with big dreams and a long wish list. Joshua needs a large music room and wants a large updated kitchen, while Tracy insists on having a 17 foot by 17 foot master so she can incorporate a breakfast nook in the bedroom. They both expect an open floor-plan, high end finishes, lots of square footage, a yard large enough for a pool, and tons of curb appeal. This will be a challenging house hunt... with only a $170,000 budget.

House Hunters S52E32
Episode 32  •  October 2nd, 2013

Wisconsin Couple Can't Agree on Buying Rural or Urban Home

Andy and Colleen sold their first house and are staying with her mom as they house hunt for their growing family. While they currently live and work in St. Paul, Minnesota, they're looking to buy in nearby western Wisconsin. They have one major roadblock, however: Andy wants at least 10 acres and doesn't want to see any neighbors nearby. His wife wants the opposite: minimal acreage with lots of neighbors. Will Andy be able to get his city-slicker wife to see his point of view and move out to the country?

House Hunters S52E33
Episode 33  •  October 3rd, 2013

Duking It Out Over His and Hers Wish Lists in Dallas

Newlyweds Craig and Katherine have decided to buy their first home near Dallas. The problem is, they can't agree on anything that they want. He wants a new build, she wants an old home with character. He wants a two-story, she wants one. He loves carpet, she wants hardwood. She longs for a pool, he hates pools. If these two want to find a home in their budget, someone's going to have to give, but who?

House Hunters S52E34
Episode 34  •  October 4th, 2013

Divorcee Starts Over in Kansas City

After losing her dream house in a divorce, Stacie is ready to start over by buying a home of her own in the Kansas City area. Working with a $400,000 budget, she wants a Craftsman style house in an established neighborhood with mature trees. The house must also have a spot for her custom made saddle bar-stools, and a shower large enough to bathe her dog, Gus. Problem is, her friend, Elaine, who's joining on the hunt, can't help pushing her own agenda. She thinks Stacie should get a fixer, and wants her to live near her home in North Kansas City. Will Stacie cave, or stick with her new dream?

House Hunters S52E35
Episode 35  •  October 7th, 2013

Desperate to Find a Starter Home in Denver

Chris and Lauren are ready to move out of her parents' basement before their upcoming wedding. But finding a starter house in Denver is proving to be a tall order. Chris wants a fixer-upper they can afford on their own, but Lauren is happy to accept help from her parents if it means she'll get a charming downtown bungalow. Their patience is put to the test as they explore Denver's low-inventory housing market.

House Hunters S52E36
Episode 36  •  October 8th, 2013

Looking for Opposite Things in Boston

Elisa and Stacey are ready to upgrade from apartment living to homeownership. But this Boston duo has different visions of the perfect home. Elisa wants something vintage and charming that she can fix up herself. Stacey, on the other hand, is skeptical of Elisa's home improvement skills, and would like to stick with something move-in ready. Another problem, Stacey is sick of Boston's hustle and bustle and wants to trade it in for the suburbs. Elisa would rather buy something urban in style. Finding middle ground in Beantown won't be easy.

House Hunters S52E37
Episode 37  •  October 9th, 2013

She's Picky and He's Price-Conscious in South Amboy, New Jersey

Gene and Erica reconnected a year ago, after twenty years apart. Now they're looking for a home with enough space for Erica's son, and a few kids of their own, in South Amboy, New Jersey. But will her long wish list and refusal to compromise dash Gene's dream of finding a traditional home, like the one he grew up, priced at the lower-end of their budget?

House Hunters S52E38
Episode 38  •  October 10th, 2013

Indianapolis Couple Struggles to Find a Big Home They Both Agree On

Now that Colin and Kelly are expecting a second child, they're eager to move out of their relative's place, and find a large family home in the Indianapolis area. Kelly's focused on a move-in ready house with at least 2000 square feet, but Colin wants a fixer-upper, and he isn't so sure a large home is realistic with their $150,000 budget. Kelly also has her heart set on a modern home, while Colin prefers an older Bungalow or Ranch. Will they be able to find a house that makes them both happy?

House Hunters S52E39
Episode 39  •  October 11th, 2013

She's Sick of His Renovation Projects in Houston

Dave loves a good project. But his wife, Meredith, has lived through his renovations before, and wants a turnkey home this time around. And with his recent job transfer to Houston, they need to find a house fast. Finding a place with a big kitchen, a dedicated home office for her, and a big yard for the dog would be challenging even if they were on the same page about remodeling. They'll have to hunt down just the right balance of projects and updates to keep each other happy.

House Hunters S52E40
Episode 40  •  October 14th, 2013

Sports Room Vs. Indian Dancing Studio Near Washington D.C.

Dave and Isha have been living with Isha's parents while saving their money to find their dream house outside Washington D.C. Dave wants to live as close as possible to Old Town Alexandria because of its many entertainment options, but Isha would prefer to be farther out in the suburbs where they can get more bang for their buck. Dave also wants a separate space for watching sports with his friends, while Isha wants room for a dance studio where she can practice her Indian dancing. Even with a half a million dollar budget, they'll have to make some compromises in the pricey D.C. real estate market.

House Hunters S52E41
Episode 41  •  October 15th, 2013

Hipsters Want an Unconventional Space in St. Louis

Aaron and Heather run a thriving photography studio in St. Louis, Missouri. They've been renting both the studio and their condo, but are ready to buy and consolidate both spaces into one live-work space. But this unconventional couple wants an equally unconventional space to turn into their dream home. After seeing a storefront, a loft that was once a car dealership, and an old firehouse, which one will they choose?

House Hunters S52E42
Episode 42  •  October 16th, 2013

Honolulu Locals Seek Upgrade from Their Current Manoa Valley House

Pediatrician Bryan works in the hospital where President Obama was born, and his wife, Chui, works for the U.S. Geological Survey. They love their current location of Manoa Valley, on the island of Oahu. Unfortunately, a lot of other house hunters love the neighborhood too, so even with a million dollar budget finding a bigger home with a garage won't be easy. Making the search even harder are doctor Bryan's range of health-related aversions like germ filled grout, and Chui's eclectic range of deal breakers. At 5'1' she is fed up with high counters in any room, and her work with water sources means no houses near streams! Can they find their dream home without leaving the neighborhood they love?

House Hunters S52E43
Episode 43  •  October 17th, 2013

A Young Couple in Omaha Has Hard Time Finding Their First Home

Omaha couple, Joey and Lindsey, recently got married. Now they're looking forward to taking another big step and buying their first home together. Joey is looking for an older two-story house, while Lindsey prefers a newer ranch style home. Adding to the challenge, Lindsey opposes hardwood floors, wants wall-to-wall carpeting, and doesn't want a formal dining area because she thinks it's wasted space. Will this young couple find the home of their dreams or will they have to make some compromises?

House Hunters S52E44
Episode 44  •  October 18th, 2013

Couple Wants Space for a Stripper Pole in the New Jersey Suburbs

Adrian and Nancy love bringing up their boys in the suburb of Teaneck, New Jersey, but after years of renting they're ready to put down permanent roots. They need a home office for him, and a large, updated kitchen that'll accommodate her catering company. They're also searching for enough space to add an unconventional feature: a stripper pole, so Nancy can show off the moves she's been learning in her exotic exercise class. This one could get interesting.

House Hunters S52E45
Episode 45  •  October 21st, 2013

Wife Wants Quirky, Husband Wants Practical in Western Michigan

Large and spacious, this home has served Brigitta and Angelo perfectly for the last 20 years. But like all good Italian families, this one continues to grow larger and their first family home may have finally reached critical mass. With two adults, two teenagers, and now two seniors, the house is starting to show signs of strain. This three-generation arrangement has created a tight squeeze and a rift between Brigitta and Angelo. Here to help are competitors Hilary and David, each with their own solution for this troubled household. Designer Hilary and her team will complete renovations aimed at getting the family to love their home again, while realtor David hopes to show them homes that will suit their growing family much better. With growing teenagers and mama and papa ready to move in, can Angelo and Brigitta learn to love their home again? Or will they list it?

House Hunters S52E46
Episode 46  •  October 22nd, 2013

Houston Couple Wants Updated Home with Vintage Charm

Darren and Kristen are a study in contrasts: she's a gun enthusiast who loves to hunt, he has a quiet passion for creating jewelry. Their priorities in their Houston house hunt are different as well. She wants a vintage cottage near downtown, he'd be happy in an updated 70's ranch style home in the suburbs. With $250,000 to spend, they'll both be making sacrifices to find a home in a competitive market.

House Hunters S52E47
Episode 47  •  October 23rd, 2013

Fixer Vs Upgraded in West Hartford, Connecticut

Jeff and girlfriend, Beckie, are ready to take their relationship to the next level by buying a house together. Problem is, Jeff, a contractor, wants a house that's a project that can be made into whatever they want. Beckie has no desire to live with the mess that a remodel brings and is pushing for a completely upgraded house. Working with a budget of $225,000 they'll have to find a house that strikes a balance between both of their needs.

House Hunters S52E48
Episode 48  •  October 24th, 2013

Family Looks for Home in Napa with Vineyard

Roger and Jennifer have sold their home in Colorado to realize their dream of settling down with their family in Napa Valley, California. With a budget of one million dollars, they're hoping to find a move in ready home with a huge yard where they can try their hand at growing a vineyard. But their picky tastes that also include a white kitchen, a lap pool, and a dedicated area to grow organic vegetables has made the search difficult in a high demand area with low inventory. Will they be able to make their wine country dream come true?

House Hunters S52E49
Episode 49  •  October 25th, 2013

Couple Wants Home with Space to Fly Toy Chopper Near Washington D.C.

Capitol Hill economist, Aaron, and his stay-at-home wife, Merry, are ready to buy their first home near Washington, D.C. They're looking for a place with traditional Colonial style and plenty of space to entertain their large family. With a $450,000 budget, they're also hoping to find a few unusual features: Aaron needs high ceilings so he can fly his toy helicopter, and Merry Brooke would love enough space to install an indoor drinking fountain, like the one she grew up with.

House Hunters S52E50
Episode 50  •  October 28th, 2013

Phoenix Couple Disagrees on Pretty Home for Her Vs. Practical for Him

The search for Ryan and Lydia's first home in Phoenix has been a major challenge. She's completely focused on a house that's pretty and reminds her of being on a farm in Maine, with no cactus. On top of all this, she wants a room where she can homeschool their kids, and a backyard space to raise chickens. Ryan, on the other hand, doesn't care what the house looks like, as long as it has a den and air conditioned workshop for his projects. Will they find a house that comes close to a compromise?

House Hunters S52E51
Episode 51  •  October 29th, 2013

Flight Attendant Searches for Dream Loft in Chicago

Flight attendant, Gavin, is moving back home to his native Chicago. He's hoping to find a converted loft close to his favorite bars and restaurants downtown. But joining him on the hunt is his very opinionated best friend, Erica, who sees him in a more sleek, modern-style condo. After seeing both lofts and ultra-modern places, will Gavin be convinced?

House Hunters S52E52
Episode 52  •  October 30th, 2013

Tall Couple in Tampa Seeks House with High Ceilings

At 6'6" and 5'11" Courtney and Jason are tired of ducking through doorways. They're looking for a house with high ceilings and plenty of headroom that's close to downtown Tampa. They also want a large master bedroom and spacious walk-in closet. Plus, Jason wants a master bathroom with plenty of space, since he currently shares their small guest bathroom with their three cats.

House Hunters S52E53
Episode 53  •  October 31st, 2013

Musical Tribute Artist Searches for a Home Fit for the King

Musical tribute artist Leo has been impersonating a rock legend on stage since his teens. Now he and his wife, Ashley, are settling in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Leo is determined to find a home that's fit for The King. Armed with a $250,000 budget, he hopes to find a house with grand style and luxurious touches, including crystal chandeliers and porcelain lions that greet him in the foyer. They also need space for a grand piano, and a room where Leo can rehearse his moves. Can the more conservative Ashley rein in Leo's lavish tastes.

House Hunters S52E54
Episode 54  •  November 1st, 2013

Single Gal Looks for Shipping Container Home in Austin

When she lived in Australia, Lisa fell in love with a very unique style home built out of shipping containers. Now that she's looking for a home of her own in Austin, Texas, she's hoping to find as close to that shipping container feel as possible. Her friend Peggy's along on the search to try to get Lisa to see the potential of a fixer upper, but Lisa just can't see past outdated kitchens and baths. With a limited budget, finding her perfect first home may not be as easy as she hopes.

House Hunters S52E55
Episode 55  •  November 4th, 2013

A Successful Bachelor Searches for a Grand Home in Detroit

Andrew has had a successful career as an investment banker, so he'd like to purchase a spacious home that reflects his accomplishments. Working with a $700,000-plus budget, Andrew's targeting 4 bedroom homes in the affluent Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe. But even with his hefty budget, Andrew may still have to make some compromises. Can his friend Peyton help him see what he can live with, or will her opinions create more problems?

House Hunters S52E56
Episode 56  •  November 5th, 2013

Deciding Between D.C. Charm or a Big Place in the Burbs

Gus and Rachel are excited to upgrade from their tiny Washington D.C. apartment and buy their first home together. But that's where the excitement ends. Rachel is set on a charming D.C. row-home near shops and restaurants. But her husband is happy to move to the suburbs, since it'll get him more space for his hobbies, which include brewing beer. Finding middle ground in D.C. is never easy.

House Hunters S52E57
Episode 57  •  November 6th, 2013

How Far Will a Million Dollars Go in Manhattan Beach?

With plans to start a family, Bob and Caitlin are ready to settle down and buy their first house. As excited as they are to buy, they have one problem. Caitlin has her heart set on pricey Manhattan Beach, California, even if it means living in a smaller place. Bob, who comes from Ohio where you can get a $200,000 house with a lot of square footage, would rather look outside of that area to get more house for their money. With one-million dollars to spend, who will win?

House Hunters S52E58
Episode 58  •  November 7th, 2013

Columbus Couple Clashes Over Secluded Vs. Neighborhood Homes

After moving around for several years, Brad and Melissa are ready to settle down in Columbus, Ohio, near family and friends. Problem is, they disagree on what kind of house they want. Brad would like a ranch home on a secluded wooded lot, while Melissa wants a 2 story new build in an established neighborhood. With a long wish list inside the home as well, they'll have their hands full trying to find a place with a budget of only $325,000.

House Hunters S52E59
Episode 59  •  November 8th, 2013

Grandioso on a Budget-oso in Atlanta

Kefla and Lucrecia moved their family from Los Angeles to the Atlanta area 6 years ago so they could eventually buy a home in this less expensive market. Problem is, they're looking for a house that, as Lucrecia puts it, is grandioso on a budget. For $250,000, they expect to get a newer home with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, not to mention a lower bed and bath for their parents. She's all about the high end details, and he's focused on a large backyard and a basement that he can turn into his man room. Will they compromise, or will their delusions of grandeur win out?

House Hunters S52E60
Episode 60  •  November 11th, 2013

Looking for a Hawaiian Retreat from Their Hectic Mainland Lives

David and Frank are looking for a tropical waterfront retreat on Kauai, where they can escape their hectic mainland lives. But David wants something modern and open, while Frank is set on a rustic, Hawaiian plantation-style home. With their budget, finding anything with an ocean view is going to be tough. Will they have to buy a fixer to be on the beach?

House Hunters S52E61
Episode 61  •  November 12th, 2013

A Seattle Couple Is Eager to Find a Spacious Home with Character

Seattle natives, Nick and Hillary, would like to get out of Nick's small bachelor pad and into an older, Pacific Northwestern house with lots of character. Nick's top priority is plenty of storage space for his collection of nearly 1000 bottles of wines. Hillary's more focused on making sure they buy a home in the family-oriented community of Laurelhurst. But that might be a big challenge, since that particular area is not only pricey, but also low on inventory.

House Hunters S52E62
Episode 62  •  November 13th, 2013

Family Needs South Carolina Home with Room for Inlaws

Scott and Misty are moving with their 2 kids, her parents, and 2 German Shepherds from Denver to Greenville, South Carolina. They're on the hunt for a gargantuan Southern-Colonial with all the bells and whistles, including a live-in space for Misty's parents. But Scott, who Misty calls "Mr. Fuss Bucket" won't make this an easy hunt, since he's demanding 20 foot vaulted ceilings for a massive Christmas tree, and his habit of racing through the houses makes him hard to follow.

House Hunters S52E63
Episode 63  •  November 14th, 2013

Historic Charmer Vs. New Construction in West Hartford, Connecticut

After 8 months of searching, the Murphy family has seen its fare share of Murphy's Law at work on their house hunt. Now, with their lease set to expire, they're desperate to find a home in scenic West Hartford as soon as possible. She wants a historic charmer, but he's concerned about the upkeep. She wants to find a home within walking distance of the quaint shops and restaurants downtown, but he wants to live farther out on a large lot. Even with $650,000 to spend they may find out that, in this market, if it can go wrong, it will.

House Hunters S52E64
Episode 64  •  November 15th, 2013

Wife and French-Born Husband Seek European Style Home in Houston

Christina and her French-born husband, David, have just moved back to Houston after living on the East Coast for two years. They're anxious to find a large 5 bedroom home to accommodate their 4 children, and are hoping to find a home that has French details. They also don't want an updated kitchen because Christine wants to redesign it herself. With a budget of 325,000 they're searching the competitive inner loop of Houston, but they may have to consider the suburbs to get more of what they want.

House Hunters S52E65
Episode 65  •  November 18th, 2013

Buying Turnkey vs. Building Their Dream Home in Oklahoma

House Hunters S52E66
Episode 66  •  November 19th, 2013

Young Musicians Search for Their First Home in Nashville, Tennessee

House Hunters S52E67
Episode 67  •  November 20th, 2013

A Florida Girl and a Wisconsin Boy Clash Over Wish Lists in Chilly Green Bay

Florida girl, Kasia, and her husband, Jake, have moved back to his cold hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin. He loves the snow, but she hates it. And the disagreements don't end there. They're looking for their first home, but she wants country charm, and he wants modern design. She wants a two-story, he wants a ranch. She wants lots of neighbors, and he wants none. Not to mention they also want a big porch, a huge garage, and a private yard, all within a modest, first-time homebuyer's budget. There's a definite chill surrounding this house hunt, in more ways than one.

House Hunters S52E68
Episode 68  •  November 21st, 2013

Leaving Downtown St. Louis for the Burbs

Chris and his wife Jackie love their loft in downtown St. Louis but have outgrown it. Looking for more space to start a family, they're setting their sights on buying in the nearby suburbs. They're hoping for a two-story traditional home with a large yard. Most important to Chris is getting an unfinished basement he can customize. Jackie's more worried about something with an open floor-plan. Helping them look for the perfect home is Chris's brother, Drew. Let the sibling rivalry begin, House Hunters style.

House Hunters S52E69
Episode 69  •  November 22nd, 2013

Two Guys Look for Hip Urban Loft in Philly

Eric and Patrick are buying their first home in Philadelphia. This creative pair in their early 20's would like to transform their living space into something cool and unique, so a hip industrial-style loft with big open spaces and high ceilings would be the perfect place to call home. One problem: their broker is Eric's mother, Kim, and being a mom, she has other ideas about what kind of place they should buy. She'd like to see them in something more traditional, like a row home. Working with a $300,000 budget, who will win out?

House Hunters S52E70
Episode 70  •  November 25th, 2013

Daughter Wants Style But Mom Questions Her Wish List in Dallas

Single girl, Candace, wants her first home to have French style and be small enough to easily maintain. But her mom, Sharon, worries about the future and wants Candace to buy a house large enough to accommodate a future family. Mom's pushing for a two-story, but Candace only wants one. Mom wants to see large bedrooms for kids, but Candace is only worried about having a diva-worthy master. This search could turn into a family feud.

House Hunters S52E71
Episode 71  •  November 26th, 2013

Strong Views in Strongsville

Amateur bodybuilder, Salvatore, and his fiance, Giselle, have recently moved from Los Angeles to his hometown of Strongsville, Ohio. With their wedding approaching, they're looking for their first house together, but they don't agree on what type to buy. He wants a Colonial-style home like he grew up in, while she prefers the ranch style she's familiar with from her childhood in California. Who's wish list is stronger?

House Hunters S52E72
Episode 72  •  November 27th, 2013

Boston Area Couple Seeks Big House for Family of Five

Cedric, an engineer, and Elise, a radiologist, are currently living in a very small home with 3 children. As Cedric puts it, the children are growing, but the house is not. So they're on the hunt for a home in the suburbs of Boston. Cedric is from France where most homes are all one level and fairly small. Elise is from New England where doctors own large Colonial-style homes. He also wants a room for his classic arcade games, which Elise can't stand. Will they reach some sort of detente and find a place that will make them both happy?

House Hunters S52E73
Episode 73  •  November 28th, 2013

The High Price of Living in Paradise

After moving from Los Angeles to her hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii, Tiffani and her husband Brian are searching for their first home. The problem is Brian, a mainlander, dreams of living right by the ocean where he can kayak and enjoy the beach. Having grown up in Hawaii, Tiffani is all too familiar with the damage salt water can cause on a home and is concerned about the long-term maintenance. She's pushing to live farther inland. Adding to the challenge, they're discovering that their $800,000 budget doesn't buy you much in paradise.

House Hunters S52E74
Episode 74  •  November 29th, 2013

Single Mom Wants a Large House in Atlanta

Lesli is looking for a new home for herself and her six-year-old son in Atlanta, Georgia. She'd like to find a totally updated house with four bedrooms, a circular driveway, and room for an office. There also needs to be some significant space for her son, including both a playroom or basement and a fenced-in yard. Along for the hunt is her best friend of 20 years, Gina, who thinks she knows Lesli better than Lesli knows herself. Lesli would like to find a Cape Cod-style house like her childhood home in New England, while Gina explains that Lesli is not traditional in any way. Will Leslie get everything she thinks she needs, or will Gina's opinions win out?

House Hunters S52E75
Episode 75  •  December 2nd, 2013

Search for a San Diego Starter

Thirty-one-year-old Beth is a single 3rd grade teacher from San Diego. After years of renting, she's ready to get out of her cramped apartment and buy her first place. The problem; she wants a 2 bedroom single family home near scenic Balboa Park - a very popular neighborhood. With a budget that can't exceed $250,000, she may need to settle for a condo or townhome. With her good friend Lindsay along on the hunt, will Beth be able to handle all the compromises she'll need to consider?

House Hunters S52E76
Episode 76  •  December 3rd, 2013

He Wants Big Land But She Wants a Big House in Texas

Eric, Kelly, and their 2 young boys are sharing a one-bedroom guest house on Eric's parents' 9-acre ranch. With all 4 crammed into a single bedroom, this young family is in desperate need of more space. Kelly, who stays home with the kids, wants a large, updated house with plenty of room to grow. Eric, who has gotten used to the privacy and space of his parents' acreage, wants at least an acre of land. With a budget of $225,000 it's next to impossible to find both, so will it be big house, or big land?

House Hunters S52E77
Episode 77  •  December 4th, 2013

She Wants a Victorian Row Home But He Wants a Big Yard to Mow in D.C.

Helen dreams of owning one of Washington, D.C.'s historic Victorian row homes, but her husband Jesse would rather have a place with no shared walls and a big yard. They also want a large open kitchen, an en-suite master bath, and a finished basement that will give them more space for the foster kids they hope to adopt. But in D.C.'s seller's market, finding everything they want within their first time homebuyers' budget might mean they won't get any of it.

House Hunters S52E78
Episode 78  •  December 5th, 2013

Jennipher Wants Brian to Break the Budget for a Historic Victorian in Montana

San Diego transplants Brian and Jennipher want to buy a home in Helena, Montana, before their wedding. But he wants a lower priced craftsman, and she's ready to break the bank for a Victorian in the city's historic mansion district. With Jennipher's mom in her corner it's going to be tough for Brian to emerge victorious in this historic house hunt.

House Hunters S52E79
Episode 79  •  December 6th, 2013

Two Men Who Want to Live in Jersey City Can't Agree on a Home

Alex and Anthony live in a 300 sq. ft. apartment in New York City, but they've decided that they'd like to start a family, so they'll need more space. Since they have a limited budget, they're targeting larger, more affordable condominiums in nearby Jersey City. Anthony, a flight attendant, is looking for a pre-war building, which he feels has the charm and character he has seen through his travels. Alex is an engineer who would like to find a sleek, modern, luxury high-rise with city views. Will these New Yorkers be able to compromise so they can become Jersey Boys?

House Hunters S52E80
Episode 80  •  December 9th, 2013

Empty Nesters Upgrade to a Bigger Condo in Downtown Chicago

Vince and Jean moved from the burbs to downtown Chicago after their son left for college. But their one bedroom condo isn't big enough for his regular return visits, so they're ready to upgrade to something with more space. Unfortunately Vince is dead set on lake views, and Jean is all about the Chicago skyline.

House Hunters S52E81
Episode 81  •  December 10th, 2013

Best Friends Buying Together Face Bidding Wars in Northern California

Two best friends face a possible bidding war when they go in on a house together in Northern California. Their dream home has two master suites, an updated kitchen, hardwood floors and central AC.

House Hunters S52E82
Episode 82  •  December 11th, 2013

Putting Down Roots in Augusta Georgia

Will and McKenzie just moved from Atlanta to Augusta, Georgia, so he can start dental school. With a budget of $95,000 to $110,000, they're searching for a 3 bed, 2 bath house. Problem is, McKenzie is used to getting her way, and will only consider a 2 story cottage style home with hardwood floors throughout, at least 1 fireplace, a deck, and an upgraded kitchen with white cabinets. Will, on the other hand, wants a red brick ranch house with a garage, large fenced yard, and no major repairs. Will McKenzie get her way?

House Hunters S52E83
Episode 83  •  December 12th, 2013

Very Opinionated Friends House Hunt in Dallas

Tanasha Anders is ready to trade apartment living for a place she can call her own in Dallas. Her two friends, Corey and Deya, have joined the house hunt to give their very vocal opinions. Tanasha fancies herself a real estate agent and designer, even though she has no formal training. Can her friends act as the voice of reason and keep Tanasha in check? Prepare for big drama in the Big D.

House Hunters S52E84
Episode 84  •  December 13th, 2013

Searching for Perfection in Honolulu

Sergio is from Serbia, but he wants to buy his first home in Honolulu, Hawaii. His plan is to stay there for a few years, and eventually rent the place out when he's ready to move on. Sergio is picky about what he wants in this first place. It should be an upgraded modern condo right by coveted Waikiki Beach, with a modern kitchen, lanai, and views of the ocean. But in pricey Waikiki, his strict budget of $400,000 is going to make this search for perfection almost impossible.

House Hunters S52E85
Episode 85  •  December 16th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Winchester, MA; Atlanta, GA; Salt Lake City, UT

A couple who spent $200,000 turning their old-fashioned colonial in Winchester, Mass., into a contemporary space for their family; a bargain hunter in Atlanta who renovated his $40,000 bachelor pad, including the bathrooms and kitchen, for less than $6000. Also: A construction project turns into a nightmare in the suburbs of Salt Lake City.

House Hunters S52E86
Episode 86  •  December 17th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Pebble Beach, CA; Detroit, MI; Voorhees, NJ

A couple who updated their fixer-upper home in Pebble Beach, Cal., give their kitchen a $100,000 makeover. Also: the ultimate guy's getaway with an enormous shuffleboard table in Detroit; and a kitchen and master bath remodel in Voorhees, N.J.

House Hunters S52E87
Episode 87  •  December 18th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Connecticut Farmhouse; Los Angeles Fixer; Cape Cod Escape

House Hunters S52E88
Episode 88  •  December 19th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Jensen Beach, FL; Bozeman, MT; Palm Springs, CA

House Hunters S52E89
Episode 89  •  December 20th, 2013

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Cape Cod; St. Albans, WV; Columbia, MO

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