Hill Street Blues


'Hill Street Blues' Season 1 Episodes

Hill Street Blues - Season 1

Hill Street Blues - Season 1

"Let's be careful out there." So ends each roll call session at the Hill Street station house. As the cops and detectives head out to the streets, Captain Frank Furillo begins the delicate balancing act of providing enough protection for the law-abiding citizens without inciting the neighborhood gangs and local criminal elements who are openly hostile towards any police presence.

Hill Street Blues S1E1
Episode 1  •  January 15th, 1981

Hill Street Station

Captain Frank Furillo of the Hill Street police station has his hands full handling his ex-wife, an explosive hostage standoff, and a shooting involving two of his best cops.

Hill Street Blues S1E2
Episode 2  •  January 17th, 1981

Presidential Fever

Captain Furillo summons the heads of the various local gangs in an attempt to ensure their peaceful "cooperation" during a visit by the President of the United States.

Hill Street Blues S1E3
Episode 3  •  January 22nd, 1981

Politics as Usual

As the gang negotiations continue, cop Johnny LaRue gets in trouble accepting a bribe from a drug-dealing fellow cop, and Furillo's ex-wife is busted on possession.

Hill Street Blues S1E4
Episode 4  •  January 24th, 1981

Can World War III Be an Attitude?

The cops on the Hill face the possibility of an all-out assault from the local gangs after the President cancels his visit and the electricity and phones go dead.

Hill Street Blues S1E5
Episode 5  •  January 31st, 1981

Double Jeopardy

As Furillo continues to try to exonerate LaRue, Officers Hill and Belker go in drag to catch a rapist terrorizing a local park.

Hill Street Blues S1E6
Episode 6  •  February 7th, 1981

Film at Eleven

Furillo continues to search for the suspect who wounded Hill and Renko even as the two officers deal with a voodoo-spouting woman, and Belker confronts a man who claims he's a vampire.

Hill Street Blues S1E7
Episode 7  •  February 14th, 1981

Choice Cut

Furillo not only has to deal with a gang leader with hostages, but a trigger-happy commander of the precinct's EATers (Emergency Action Team) squad.

Hill Street Blues S1E8
Episode 8  •  February 21st, 1981

Up in Arms

As Furillo tries to calm angry storeowners who feel the police haven't done enough to keep their businesses safe, Sgt. Esterhaus receives a cryptic note from a menacing ex-con.

Hill Street Blues S1E9
Episode 9  •  February 28th, 1981

Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind

LaRue tries to get somewhere with a reporter by taking her to a stackout leaving Furillo to deal with its aftermath -- a deadly shootout between the vigilante storeowners and the local gang.

Hill Street Blues S1E10
Episode 10  •  March 7th, 1981


As rumor circulates on the Hill that Furillo will be promoted to division commander, LaRue and Washington decide to liven up the precinct's annual search for alligators in the city sewers.

Hill Street Blues S1E11
Episode 11  •  March 14th, 1981

Life, Death, Eternity

Furillo jeopardizes his promotion with an investigation that may tie the death of a 15-year-old prostitute to a local councilman, and LaRue tries to fund his proposed "saloondromat."

Hill Street Blues S1E12
Episode 12  •  March 21st, 1981

I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin

Hunter finally convinces the department to purchase a new flame-throwing attack tank for his EATers squad only to have it stolen after he leaves the keys in the ignition.

Hill Street Blues S1E13
Episode 13  •  March 25th, 1981

Fecund Hand Rose

Furillo angrily strikes a deal with a dirty cop in order to clear LaRue, while Sgt. Esterhaus has second thoughts about his upcoming marriage.

Hill Street Blues S1E14
Episode 14  •  May 19th, 1981

Rites of Spring (1)

Hill and Renko arrest a young mother who regularly abandons her two toddlers and the station watches as a brutal vice cop is investigated...for a fourth time.

Hill Street Blues S1E15
Episode 15  •  May 19th, 1981

Rites of Spring (2)

LaRue's excessive drinking on the job catches up with him, and Goldblume considers retiring as his son's health deteriorates.

Hill Street Blues S1E16
Episode 16  •  May 26th, 1981

Jungle Madness (1)

Washington unearths evidence to clear a bigoted narcotics cop, unaware that the police brass plan to let the cop "fry" in order to placate the outraged black community.

Hill Street Blues S1E17
Episode 17  •  May 26th, 1981

Jungle Madness (2)

Furillo and Davenport's plans for a romantic getaway have to be cancelled after a tragic shooting involving Officers Bates and Coffey.

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