Gossip Girl

(2007 - 2012) on The CW


Blake Lively
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Serena van der Woodsen (120 episodes)

Leighton Meester
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Blair Waldorf (120 episodes)

Penn Badgley
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Dan Humphrey (119 episodes)

Ed Westwick
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Chuck Bass (119 episodes)

Kristen Bell
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Gossip Girl (119 episodes)

Chace Crawford
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Nate Archibald (118 episodes)

Kelly Rutherford
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Lily van der Woodsen (118 episodes)


Matthew Settle
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Rufus Humphrey (118 episodes)

Rufus Settle

Taylor Momsen
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Jenny Humphrey (88 episodes)

Jessica Szohr
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Vanessa Abrams (79 episodes)

Zuzanna Szadkowski
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Dorota Kishlovsky (49 episodes)


Connor Paolo
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Eric van der Woodsen (45 episodes)

Kaylee DeFer
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Ivy Dickens (36 episodes)

Charlie Rhodes

Nicole Fiscella
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Isabel Coates (28 episodes)

Margaret Colin
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Eleanor Waldorf (26 episodes)

Amanda Setton
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Penelope Shafai (26 episodes)


Robert John Burke
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Bart Bass (23 episodes)

Michelle Trachtenberg
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Georgina Sparks (21 episodes)

Yin Chang
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Nelly Yuki (17 episodes)

Nan Zhang
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Kati Farkas (15 episodes)

Dreama Walker
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Hazel Williams (15 episodes)

James Schram
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Prickly Hotel Guest (15 episodes)

The Professional Student

Bookstore Boyfriend

The Cameraman


Archibald's Confidant


Van-Der-Bilt's Campaign Manager


The Party Guest

Algonquin Concierge

Russell Thorp Advocate

The Youthful Professor

Chivalrous NYU Student

The Intellectual Party Guest

Sara DeRosa
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Student (15 episodes)

Stacey Simon

Text-Messaging Girl

Alice Callahan
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Jessica (14 episodes)

Jessica - Girl #2

Katie Cassidy
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Juliet Sharp (13 episodes)

Sam Robards
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Howie 'The Captain' Archibald (12 episodes)

Sebastian Stan
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Carter Baizen (11 episodes)

Anna Kuchma
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Student (11 episodes)

Desmond Harrington
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Jack Bass (10 episodes)

Jack Xavier Bass

Aaron Schwartz
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Vanya (10 episodes)

Hugo Becker
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Louis Grimaldi (9 episodes)

Caroline Lagerfelt
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Celia 'CeCe' Rhodes (9 episodes)

Celia 'CeCe'Rhodes

Francie Swift
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Anne Archibald (9 episodes)

Wallace Shawn
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Cyrus Rose (9 episodes)

Jeremy Frutkin
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Hamilton House Member (9 episodes)

Kilted Waiter

Beach Party Goer

High School Escort

Wedding Guest

Party Guest

Kate Gorney
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Bleecker Inn Barista (9 episodes)

James Naughton
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William van der Bilt (8 episodes)

William van der Trip

David Call
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Ben Sharp (8 episodes)


Aaron Tveit
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Trip van der Bilt (8 episodes)

Ella Rae Peck
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Charlie 'Lola' Rhodes (8 episodes)

Charlie Rhodes


Dennis Larkin
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Upper East Side Resident (8 episodes)

Business Man

Health Inspector

Fashion Photographer

Nurse Abariss Culjak

William Baldwin
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William van der Woodsen (7 episodes)

Kevin Zegers
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Damian Daalgard (7 episodes)

Damien Daalgard


Matt Doyle
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Jonathan Whitney (7 episodes)

Luke Kleintank
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Elliot Leichter (7 episodes)

Benita Robledo
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Amalia (7 episodes)

Elizabeth Hurley
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Diana Payne (6 episodes)

John Patrick Amedori
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Aaron Rose (6 episodes)

Hilary Duff
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Olivia Burke (6 episodes)

Holley Fain
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Maureen van der Bilt (6 episodes)