Fantasy Island


'Fantasy Island' Season 4 Episodes

Fantasy Island S4E1
Episode 1  •  October 25th, 1980

The Devil and Mandy Breem/Instant Millionaire

A young woman who sold her soul to Satan in order to save the life of her husband seeks Mr. Roarke's help. A young man's fantasy to become an instant millionaire which could end up getting him killed. Guest Stars: Carol Lynley, Roddy McDowall, Adam West, Arlene Golanka, Arte Johnson, Ross Martin, Joe Turkel, Nicky Katt

Fantasy Island S4E2
Episode 2  •  November 1st, 1980

Flying Aces/The Mermaid Returns

The mermaid Princess Nyah returns to visit Mr. Roarke with the desire to learn what human love is like. An airline pilot goes back to World War II to experience the thrill of combat flying and to make the acquaintance of someone special who died in that war. Guest Stars: Michelle Phillips, Hal Englund, Chip Lucia, John Nolan, Janet Hills, Robert Mandan, Dolly Martin, Sam Meliville, Tom Wopat, Don Petrie, Tom Demenkoff, Tom Bailey

Fantasy Island S4E3
Episode 3  •  November 8th, 1980

The Skater's Edge/Concerto of Death

A young untrained farm girl from the mid-west gets her chance to compete as a world class figure skater. A second-rate piano player comes to terms with the tormenting memory of his famous, deceased concert-pianist brother. Guest Stars: Peggy Flemming, Allen Ludden, Dack Rambo, Charlene Tilton, Paul Flick, Dennis Cole, Bradford Dillman, Erin Gray, Mary Ann Mobley

Fantasy Island S4E4
Episode 4  •  November 15th, 1980

Don Quixote/The Sex Symbol

An eccentric millionaire gets into a bit of trouble when he becomes the heroic Don Quixote for the weekend. A young woman, fed up with her unromantic life, gets far more than she bargained for when she is transformed into an adored sex symbol. Guest Stars: Edd Byrnes, Michael Callan, Phyllis Davis, Orville Weems, Doug Llewlyn, David Doyle, Robert F. Lyons, Mary Louise Weller, Paul Williams, John Furlong, Dawn Merrick

Fantasy Island S4E5
Episode 5  •  November 22nd, 1980

The Love Doctor/The Pleasure Palace / Possessed

A young man's attitude about his life is dramatically altered when he travels back to find his roots. A very worried mother brings her suddenly cold and very changed little girl to Mr. Roarke for help. Guest Stars: Barbi Benton, Gary Burghof, Dane Clark, Henry Jones, Roz Kelly, Ruta Lee, Leo V. Gordon, Heather Hewitt, Barbara Stock, B.J. Ralke, Missy Gold, France Nuyen, Barbara Parkins

Fantasy Island S4E6
Episode 6  •  November 29th, 1980

With Affection, Jack the Ripper/Gigolo

A pretty female criminologist sets out to discover the identity of Jack the Ripper and finds herself marked as his next victim. A shy man, totally inadequate in matters dealing with the opposite sex, dreams of being a ladies man. Guest Stars: Victor Buono, Robert West, Lynda Day George, Kathryn Fuller, Angela Slater, John Brandon, Michael Hadlow, Philece Sampler, Rosemary Lord, Ken Berry, Carolyn Jones, Meredith Macrae, Lyle Waggoner, Catherine Campbell, Frank Birney, Barbara Horan, Patricia Everly, Charissa Ann Ewing

Fantasy Island S4E7
Episode 7  •  December 6th, 1980

The Invisible Woman/The Snow Bird

A young woman makes herself invisible in order to spy on her Don Juan of a fiance. A young man takes on the dangerous role of a trapeze artist in order to get close to the girl he loves. Guest Stars: Sonny Bono, Dick Gautier, Elaine Joyce, Neile McQueen, Jon Crosby, Betty Jean Samuelson, Debra Jo Fondren, Bob Boyd, Don Ameche, Doug Baar, George Maharis, Pamela Sue Martin

Fantasy Island S4E8
Episode 8  •  December 20th, 1980

Crescendo/Three Feathers

A pretty young singing star's hopes of romance with a successful composer are shockingly dashed when they meet. A man unjustly accused of cowardice has a desperate need to exonerate himself. Guest Stars: Skip Homeier, James Hong, Monte Markham, Toni Tennille, Hugh OBrian, James Wainwright, Cliff Carnell

Fantasy Island S4E9
Episode 9  •  January 3rd, 1981

My Late Lover/Sanctuary

A lovely widow gets some unexpected help in choosing which of her three suitors she will marry. A young man who has been poisoned has only hours to live and searches for the identity of his killer. Guest Stars: Gene Barry, John Ericson, Eva Gabor, Russell Nype, Craig Stevens, Morgan Brittany, Michael Cole, Bobby Sherman, Sid Haig, Georganne LaPiere

Fantasy Island S4E10
Episode 10  •  January 10th, 1981

High Off the Hog/Reprisal

When a hillbilly family become millionaires for the weekend, they fall prey to unscrupulous con men. An insecure young woman abuses the power Mr. Roarke grants her to gain confidence and nearly destroys herself and others. Guest Stars: Noah Berry, Dody Goodman, Shecky Greene, Misty Rowe, Stephen Shortridge, Katherine Baumann, Ed Ruffalo, Lewis Arquette, Richard Gilliand, Maureen McCormick, Janis Paige, Bob Seagren, Holly Gagnier, Joan Benedict

Fantasy Island S4E11
Episode 11  •  January 17th, 1981

Elizabeth's Baby/The Artist and the Lady

A terminally ill but very expectant mother wishes to look ahead into her unborn baby's future. An untalented artist wishes to possess the talent to paint a great masterpiece. Guest Stars: Alison Arngrim, Eve Plumb, Jeff Pomerantz, Don Reid, Susan Cotton, Jerome Guardino, Frank Arno, David Shackleford, Michael Shackleford, Kim Marie, Heather ORourke, Peter Brown, Mike Henry, Donny Most, Michelle Pfeiffer, Don Hutton, Jenny Sherman

Fantasy Island S4E12
Episode 12  •  January 24th, 1981

The Heroine/The Warrior

A writer of steamy romance novels, whose own life is rather dull, wishes to become one of her book's wild and lusty heroines. A mild-mannered husband wishes to become a martial arts warrior and partake in a fight to the death in order to impress his wife. Guest Stars: Cesare Danova, Don Galloway, Robert Loggia, Mary Ann Mobley, Victoria Carroll

Fantasy Island S4E13
Episode 13  •  January 31st, 1981

The Man from Yesterday/World's Most Desirable Woman

A man posing as a photo journalist arrives with the intent to kill, not interview his subjects. A middle-aged woman is transformed into the sexy beauty she was twenty years ago in order to get revenge on her soon-to-be ex-husband. Guest Stars: Elizabeth Baur, Dennis Cole, Martin Milner, Rummel Mor, William Marquez, Edie Adams, Barbi Benton, Bert Convy, M.G. Kelly, Camille Villechaize, Cindee Appleton, Teri Copley, Mary Bower, Stephanie Faulker, Delores Cantu, Melanie Vincz, Blane Savage

Fantasy Island S4E14
Episode 14  •  February 7th, 1981

The Chateau/White Lightning

A woman's fantasy is to write a biography of her famous grandmother. The Can's discovery of White Lightning is the beginning of RJ and Ruth Ann's future, as Norris and Clora renew their courtship. Guest Stars: Pamela Franklin, David Hedison, Carolyn Jones, George Lindsey, Randolph Powell, Wendy Schaal, Ed Begley, Jr., Richard Lineback, Ernie W. Brown

Fantasy Island S4E15
Episode 15  •  February 14th, 1981

Loving Strangers/Something Borrowed, Something Blue

A couple who have been happily married for 25 years become strangers to see if they will fall in love all over again. A young bride-to-be's future happiness threatens to be destroyed when an element from her past makes an unexpected appearance. Guest Stars: Peter Marshall, Jane Powell, Catherine Campbell, John Gavin, Marjoe Gortner, Shelley Smith

Fantasy Island S4E16
Episode 16  •  February 21st, 1981

Chorus Girl/Surrogate Father

When a dance teacher gives a deaf pupil the gift of hearing, he runs the risk of losing her forever. If the loving father of an 8-year-old girl fails to conquer his gambling addiction, he will lose his daughter forever. Guest Stars: Lisa Hartman, Stuart Whitman, Joe Bennett, Nita Dee, Jason Evers, Rosemary Forsythe, John Saxon, Nicole Eggert, Charles Picerni, Vince Howard, Elven Havard

Fantasy Island S4E17
Episode 17  •  February 28th, 1981

Also Rans/Portrait of Solange

Tattoo's birthday fantasy turns bittersweet when he falls in love with the dancer whose portrait he is painting. A very shy young man hopes to catch the attention of the girl he's loved from afar for seven years. Guest Stars: Macdonald Carey, David Groh, Elissa Leeds, Arlene Dahl, Larry Linville, Don Porter, Joan Prather, Dennis Kort

Fantasy Island S4E18
Episode 18  •  March 7th, 1981

The Searcher/The Way We Weren't

A young woman has a desperate need to find her father, whose whereabouts have been kept a secret from her since she was a child. A married couple are in for a disappointment when they return to their old neighborhood in search of rekindling old sparks. Guest Stars: Paul Burke, James Darren, Laurette Spang, Leo Gordon, Jenny Neumann, Hermione Baddeley, Jack Carter, Larraine Stephens, Jerry Van Dyke, Dawn Wells

Fantasy Island S4E19
Episode 19  •  March 21st, 1981

The Proxy Billionaire/The Experiment

A Wall Street analyst gets into big trouble when he is a billionaire for a weekend. A doctor driven by grief and his lonely daughter both wish to resurrect the dead. Guest Stars: Phyllis Davis, Troy Donahue, Britt Ekland, Robert Goulet, Dolores Cantu, Ashley Hester, James Broderick, Woody Strode, Laurie Walters

Fantasy Island S4E20
Episode 20  •  April 11th, 1981

Delphine/The Unkillable

Roarke's young goddaughter comes to him for help in solving a most unusual problem. A scientist and his assistant make a scientific discovery that threatens to cost them both their lives. Guest Stars: Carl Ballantine, Elinor Donahue, Don Galloway, Ann Jillian, Doris Roberts, Vic Tayback, Alex Cord, Annette Funicello, Randolph Mantooth

Fantasy Island S4E21
Episode 21  •  May 2nd, 1981

Basin Street/The Devil's Triangle

A New Orleans jazz musician's fantasy is to play the early style of New Orleans jazz, and he finds himself on Basin Street in the early 1900s. A young woman and two men who are both in love with her set out to take on the perilous region know as Devil's Triangle. Guest Stars: Christopher Connelly, Joe Namath, Trish Stewart, Mabel King, Cleavon Little, Raymond St. Jacques, Berlinda Tolbert, Howard George, Kendren Jones, John Shull

Fantasy Island S4E22
Episode 22  •  May 9th, 1981

Hard Knocks/Lady Godiva

An ambitious young man gets some helpful pointers from Bogey himself as he sets out to become a hard-boiled private eye. A young woman who wants to be an accomplished equestrienne gets more than she bargained for when she becomes Lady Godiva. Guest Stars: Phillip Levien, Robert Sacchi, Morgan Woodward, Martha Smith, John Chandler, Marland Proctor, Nina Axelrod, Ken Berry, Gunilla Hutton, Michelle Phillips, Patrick Wayne, Michael Alldredge, Janet Brandt

Fantasy Island S4E23
Episode 23  •  May 16th, 1981

Man-Beast/Ole Island Oprey

A young man with a horrifying and recurring nightmare discovers he is actually a monster. A father wishes for his daughter to become a singing superstar while the daughter dreams of being a photographer. Guest Stars: David Hedison, Carol Lynley, Calvin Bartlett, Jimmy Dean, Anne Francis, Wendy Schaal, Kevin Hagen, Keith Atkinson

Fantasy Island S4E24
Episode 24  •  May 23rd, 1981

Paquito's Birthday/Technical Advisor

A couple's desire for happiness for their young son may cause them to lose him altogether. A young woman who is totally naive in the ways of romance gets an expert teacher in Helen of Troy. Guest Stars: Linda Cristal, A. Martinez, Victoria Racimo, Anthony Trujillo, Jerry G. Velasco, Susan Saldivar, Randi Oakes, Jim Stafford, Jill St. John, Blane Savage

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