Fantasy Island


'Fantasy Island' Season 2 Episodes

Fantasy Island S2E1
Episode 1  •  September 16th, 1978

The Homecoming/The Sheik

A Vietnam veteran, long presumed dead, returns to find his family. A middle-aged schoolteacher wishes to control a harem of beautiful women, but instead becomes the target of a murder plot. Guest Stars: David Birney, Lynda Day George, Michael Gregory, Ronnie Scribner, Georgia Engel, Arte Johnson, Arnold Moss, Sid Haig, Cassandra Peterson, Tamara Eliot

Fantasy Island S2E2
Episode 2  •  September 23rd, 1978

The Big Dipper/The Pirate

A young girl finds a normal life with her unlucky pocket-picking father until a pursuing policeman shows up. An eccentric young artist hopes to win back the love of his ex-wife. Guest Stars: Rory Calhoun, Cameron Mitchell, Dan Rowan, Jill Whelan, Vivian Blaine, Sonny Bono, James Luisi, Richard Roat, H.B. Haggerty, Clint Ritchie, Fred Slyter

Fantasy Island S2E3
Episode 3  •  September 30th, 1978

The Beachcomber/The Last Whodunit

Charles Preston's fantasy is to leave the pressures of work and family to become a beachcomber. An avid mystery reader attempts to solve a murder that may be her own. Guest Stars: John Astin, Jack Carter, Lynn Borden, Marianne Marks, Jorge Moreno, Sam Hiona, Anthony Penya, Micky Morton, Maurice Evans, Celeste Holm, Janis Paige, Evelyn, Howard Morton

Fantasy Island S2E4
Episode 4  •  October 14th, 1978

Best Seller/The Tomb

A shy bookstore clerk yearns to be a famous best-selling author. An archeologist and his daughter confront an Egyptian curse. Guest Stars: Desi Arnaz, Jr., Gloria DeHaven, Maureen McCormick, Janice Heiden, Jeannie Wilson, Alice Frost, Tamar Cooper, Shauna Sullivam, Wendy Ellen

Fantasy Island S2E5
Episode 5  •  October 21st, 1978

I Want to Get Married/The Jewel Thief

A carpenter is transformed into a high-society cat burglar. After being left at the altar three times, a young woman is determined to find a husband. Guest Stars: Steve Forest, Leigh Taylor-Young, Peter Mark Richman, Ken Berry, Meredith Macre, Henry Police II, Yale Summers, Jill Jaress

Fantasy Island S2E6
Episode 6  •  October 28th, 1978

War Games/Queen of the Boston Bruisers

A bitter Vietnam veteran challenges his former Army buddy to a deadly competition. A tough roller derby queen wishes to pass as a real lady to impress her daughter's future in-laws. Guest Stars: Christopher George, Greg Morris, Joan Pringle, Murry Macleod, Joanna Barnes, Don DeFore, Anne Francis, Mary Jo Catlett, Christopher Norris, Dick Wilson, David Byrd, Jonathan Frakes, Sweet Dick Whittington

Fantasy Island S2E7
Episode 7  •  November 4th, 1978

Let the Goodtimes Roll/ Nightmare

A former hot-rod king wishes for the glory of his past. A young woman seeks rescue from a terrifying and recurring nightmare by trying to live the dream to its end, with terrifying consequences. Guest Stars: John Ericson, Peter Isacksen, Mary Ann Mobley, Paul Sand, Darrell Fetty, Danny Bonaduce, Muffie Durham, Suzanne Niles, Pamela Franklin, Brett Halsey, Ray Milland

Fantasy Island S2E8
Episode 8  •  November 11th, 1978

Return/The Toughest Man Alive

A beautiful woman returns to proclaim her love for Mr. Roarke. An average man wants very much to become a hero. Guest Stars: Samantha Eggar, Paul John Balson, Stephen Schnetaer, Angela Clarke, Harv Selsby, George Rado, Rick Flores

Fantasy Island S2E9
Episode 9  •  November 18th, 1978

The Appointment/Mr. Tattoo

A greedy doctor seeks to build a computerized health care complex and winds up having to make a life and death decision. Two young women ask Tattoo's help in finding millionaires to marry until they start falling for poor writers instead. Guest Stars: Bert Convy, Regis Tommey, Norman Bartold, Trisha Noble, Nancy Kwan, Argentina Brunetti, Barbi Benton, Troy Donahue, Fred Grandy, Connie Stevens, Iggie Wolfington, Brian Avery

Fantasy Island S2E10
Episode 10  •  November 25th, 1978

The Flight of the Great Yellow Bird/The Island of Lost Women

A man in search of Bigfoot finds himself on a trip to discover some startling things about the mythical creature and himself. A girl-crazy sailor wishes to find out for himself if a legendary island of beautiful women really exists. Guest Stars: Peter Graves, Barbara Rush, Cyd Charisse, Dan C. Reed, Lisa Loring, Katie Hopkins Zerby, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robin G. Eisenman, Kate Netter, Leone James, Robert Morse

Fantasy Island S2E11
Episode 11  •  December 2nd, 1978

Carnival/The Vaudevillians

A driven young woman dreams of finding a lover who may not exist, but the dream turns into a nightmare. An old time vaudeville actor wishes for a comeback, and to escape exile to a retirement home. Guest Stars: Luke Askew, Carol Lynley, Stuart Whitman, Dan Seymour, Paul Cavonis, Frank Loverde, Charles Nunez, Tony Goodstone, Lewis Arquette, Rick Lenz, Phil Silvers, Ellen Geer

Fantasy Island S2E12
Episode 12  •  December 9th, 1978

Charlie's Cherubs/Stalag 3

Three women yearn to live an adventure like their favorite TV heroines, Charlie's Angels. A World War II hero's reunion with his prison camp buddies leaves them all marked for a vengeful death. Guest Stars: Mindy Naud, Brenda Benet, Bond Gideon, Patti Pivaar, Lanna Saunders, Nita Talbot, Robert Gentry, Brendon Boone, Yvonne DeCarlo, Cornel Wilde, Ivor Barry, Joe Mantell, Mike Nomad, Nehemiah Persoff, Bobby Troup

Fantasy Island S2E13
Episode 13  •  December 16th, 1978

The Lady and the Longhorn/Vampire

A sweet but wacky business woman is after a millionaire who will marry her and save her company. A famous method actor prepares in a most dangerous way for his role as Dracula. Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner, Jack Elam, Tammy Lauren, Yuliis Ruval, Richard Haynes, Charles Maccauley, Ray Stewart, Robert Reed, Julie Sommars, Vicki Kriegler, Erica Yohn, Noah Keen

Fantasy Island S2E14
Episode 14  •  January 13th, 1979

Seance/The Treasure

A seance reveals to a young woman that her apparently suicidal brother was actually murdered. A happy marriage is placed in jeopardy when the husband's quest for wealth is achieved. Guest Stars: Leslie Neilsen, Eve Plumb, Marie Windsor, Ross Bickell, Joseph Hackler, Stephanie Kramer, Shelly Fabres, George Maharis, Michael Fix

Fantasy Island S2E15
Episode 15  •  January 20th, 1979

Cowboy/Substitute Wife

A happy reunion between a rodeo star and son is complicated by past lies when the son discovers dad is only a rodeo clown. A woman suffering from hypochondria receives an unexpected cure. Guest Stars: Guest Stars: Peter Breck, Hugh O'Brien, Johnny Timko, Stuart Rogers, John Ashby, Cliff Happy, Jayne Meadows Allen, Hans Conreid, Sherry Jackson, Peter Lawford, Shauna Sullivan, Connie Slamar

Fantasy Island S2E16
Episode 16  •  January 27th, 1979

Photographs/Royal Flush

A successful photographer searches for the reason she is haunted by the mysterious image of an unknown girl in all her photos. A confident young gambler takes on the world's best in a million dollar poker game. Guest Stars: Guest Stars: Michele Lee, Diana Muldaur, Elizabeth Chesire, Hank Brandt, Scott Altos, Mabel King, John McIntire, John Rubinstein, Ronne Troup, Paul Picerni, Hal Needham, Kathy McCullen, Ed Kenney, Larry Duran

Fantasy Island S2E17
Episode 17  •  February 10th, 1979

The Stripper/The Boxer

A young millionairess wishes only to marry the man her father disapproves of, but finds herself the star of a burlesque show instead. A young boxer with only a short time to live wishes to become an Olympic champion. Guest Stars: Guest Stars: Michael Callan, Laraine Stephens, Mamie Van Doren, Chuck McCann, Stacy Keach, Jr., Beverly Powers, John Laurence, William Beckley, Dana House, Maureen McCormick, Ben Murphy, Forrest Tucker

Fantasy Island S2E18
Episode 18  •  February 17th, 1979

Casting Director/Pentagram/A Little Ball

A movie buff gets a bittersweet taste of show biz when he becomes a Hollywood casting director. Mr. Roarke's life is endangered when he helps a young woman rid herself of a satanic curse. Guest Stars: Guest Stars: Phyllis Davis, Don Knotts, Cesar Romero, Abe Vigoda, Ben Davidson, Francine Gable, Victoria Ann Berry, Linda Kendall, Suzanne Copeland, Florence Henderson, Edward Glover, Harold Wayne Jones, Larry Huffman, Jim Burke

Fantasy Island S2E19
Episode 19  •  February 24th, 1979

Spending Spree/The Hunted

A thrill-seeking big game hunter unexpectedly becomes the victim of a hunt. Two very close girlfriends are given a half-million dollars to spend in a wild shopping spree. Guest Stars: Guest Stars: Khigh Dhiegh, James Shigeta, Stuart Whitman, Ingrid Wang, Diana Canada, Lola Fallen, Byron Morrow, Lester Fletcher, El Berger, Doodles Weaver, Patrick Spoon, Sam Irvin

Fantasy Island S2E20
Episode 20  •  March 3rd, 1979

Birthday Party/Ghostbreaker

A mother goes to her twins' 30th Birthday party in spite of the fact that she has not seen them since she gave them up for adoption at birth. A man tries to catch a real ghost to support the information he wrote in his book. Guest Stars: Guest Stars: Skye Aubrey, Janet Leigh, Christopher Stone, Ray Malavasi, Frank Corral, Anthony Davis, Jim Youngblood, Pamela Toll, Marc Bentlet, Ken Berry, Annette Funicello, Lary Storch, Douglas V. Fowley, Monica Gayle, Elaine Borden, Elisa Canahan

Fantasy Island S2E21
Episode 21  •  March 17th, 1979

Yesterday's Love/Fountain of Youth

An old man on the verge of death hires a soldier of fortune to take him to the Fountain of Youth. After 35 years of marriage, a couple on the brink of divorce are sent on a trip by their children in an effort to rekindle their love. Guest Stars: Lew Ayres, Dennis Cole, Mary Louise Weller, Eddie Little Sky, Bert Santos, Rick Flores, Bob Kaimi Cummings, Guy Madison, Eleanor Parker, Charlie Atwood, Lou Frizzell

Fantasy Island S2E22
Episode 22  •  May 5th, 1979

The Comic/The Golden Hour

An unappreciated comedy writer longs to become a stand-up star. A crippled beauty and a prison inmate become an unlikely pair of pen pals who meet for the first time. Guest Stars: Jack Carter, Fred Grandy, Pat Klous, Freddy Weller, Bobbi Tremain, Don Davis, A.J. Blake, Michael Parks, Toni Tennille, Morgan Woodward, Joan Roberts, Ed Ruffalo, Richard Styles

Fantasy Island S2E23
Episode 23  •  May 6th, 1979

Cornelius and Alfonse/The Choice

A couple of chiselers seeking revenge target Mr. Roarke by kidnapping Tattoo and holding him ransom. Two orphans are given the chance to select their very own parents according to their personal specifications. Guest Stars: Billy Barty, Kimberly Beck, Red Buttons, Frank Richards, Michael Anderson, Jr., Juliet Mills, Mary Ann Mobley, Regis Philbin, Kyle Richards, Steven Spencer

Fantasy Island S2E24
Episode 24  •  May 12th, 1979

Bowling/Command Performance

An amateur bowler fulfills his dream of competing with the world's best professional bowlers. A retired circus owner gathers her old acts together for a 25-year reunion, aware that one of them wants her dead. Guest Stars: Rue McChlanahan, Al Molinaro, Marshall Holman, Mark Roth, Cliff Emmich, Mike Walden, Lynda Farrell

Fantasy Island S2E25
Episode 25  •  May 13th, 1979

Amusement Park/Rock Stars

A little boy arranges a big opportunity for his estranged father in the hopes it will bring them together for good. Four children whose parents are believed to be dead wish for stardom as a means to remain a family. Guest Stars: Ted Lange, Verne Watson, Jarrod Johnson, Tracey Gold, Dennis Dimster, Sam Hiona, Joshua Gallegos, William Boyett, Rayford Barnes, George Kee Chung, Bob Kaimi Cummings

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