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'Family Guy' Season 9 Episodes

Family Guy - Season 9

Family Guy - Season 9

Family Guy's ninth season first aired on the Fox network in eighteen episodes from September 26, 2010 to May 22, 2011 before being released as two DVD box sets and in syndication. Family Guy follows the dysfunctional Griffin family—father Peter, mother Lois, daughter Meg, son Chris, baby Stewie and dog Brian, all of whom reside in their hometown of Quahog. The ninth season, which premiered with the episode "And Then There Were Fewer" and ended with "It's a Trap!", was executive produced by Chris Sheridan, David Goodman, Danny Smith, Mark Hentemann, Steve Callaghan and series creator Seth MacFarlane. The season's showrunners were Hentemann and Callaghan.

The season received a mixed reception from critics, who called it "a mixture of laugh out loud gags, groan inducing puns, and astonishing 'I can’t believe they got away with that' statements." Season nine contains some of the series' most acclaimed episodes, including "And Then There Were Fewer", "Road to the North Pole" and "New Kidney in Town", as well as some of the most controversial episodes, including "And I'm Joyce Kinney", "Friends of Peter G.", "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair" and "Road to the North Pole". This season marks the first time Family Guy aired in 720p high-definition and widescreen with a remastered title sequence. It was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series, Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series and Animation.

Family Guy S9E0
Episode 0  •  Unknown

Groundbreaking Gags

Family Guy S9E1
Episode 1  •  September 25th, 2010

And Then There Were Fewer

Family Guy S9E2
Episode 2  •  October 2nd, 2010

Excellence in Broadcasting

Family Guy S9E3
Episode 3  •  October 9th, 2010

Welcome Back Carter

Family Guy S9E4
Episode 4  •  November 6th, 2010

Halloween on Spooner Street

Family Guy S9E5
Episode 5  •  November 13th, 2010

Baby, You Knock Me Out

Family Guy S9E6
Episode 6  •  November 20th, 2010

Brian Writes a Bestseller

Family Guy S9E7
Episode 7  •  December 11th, 2010

Road to the North Pole

Family Guy S9E8
Episode 8  •  January 8th, 2011

New Kidney in Town

Family Guy S9E9
Episode 9  •  January 15th, 2011

And I'm Joyce Kinney

Family Guy S9E10
Episode 10  •  February 12th, 2011

Friends of Peter G.

Family Guy S9E11
Episode 11  •  February 19th, 2011

German Guy

Family Guy S9E12
Episode 12  •  March 5th, 2011

The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair

Family Guy S9E13
Episode 13  •  March 19th, 2011

Trading Places

Family Guy S9E14
Episode 14  •  April 9th, 2011

Tiegs for Two

Family Guy S9E15
Episode 15  •  April 16th, 2011

Brothers & Sisters

Family Guy S9E16
Episode 16  •  May 7th, 2011

The Big Bang Theory

Family Guy S9E17
Episode 17  •  May 14th, 2011

Foreign Affairs

Family Guy S9E18
Episode 18  •  May 21st, 2011

It's a Trap!

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