Deadly Women


'Deadly Women' Season 7 Episodes

Deadly Women S7E1
Episode 1  •  July 19th, 2013

Malicious Hearts

Angela McAnulty runs her household with an iron hand, but reserves her worst for her eldest daughter, Jeanette, whom she brutally tortures, starves, and beats. After Angela is investigated by social services, she pulls Jeanette out of school and the abuse escalates, culminating in Jeanette's death, for which both she and her husband, who failed to report the abuse, are prosecuted. In Catawissa, Missouri, Bertha Gifford is a nurse with a reputation as an angel of mercy, but also has a morbid fascination with death, leading her to murder 17 of her patients with arsenic poisoning - including several of her husband's family. Nicole Hollinshead is controlling and cruel to her boyfriend, Steven Wood. After Steven seeks a safe haven at the home of Nicole's friend, Debra Carne, Nicole, convinced Debra is trying to steal her man, enlists Steven and two other friends, Kerry Bauer and Emma Last, in a plot to lure Debra away to be beaten, doused with gasoline, and burned alive.

Deadly Women S7E2
Episode 2  •  July 26th, 2013

Money Hungry

Scam artist Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore befriends lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare in order to steal his money, then shoots Abraham to death after he begins to suspect her and tries to convince his family he is still alive. She inadvertently confesses to an undercover cop and is imprisoned for life. Anne Gates marries - and murders - two husbands for their money, shooting the first execution-style and beating the second with a fireplace poker, all while continuing to carry on an affair with her high school sweetheart. Gates serves only four years in prison for her second husband's murder; her first husband's murder remains an open case. After money-hungry Australian Patricia Byers is sent to jail for the attempted murder of her boyfriend (for which she blames pirates), police investigate the disappearance of her de-facto husband, Carl Gottgens, whom she claims left her for another woman. Patricia receives a life sentence for Carl's murder, although his body has never been found.

Deadly Women S7E3
Episode 3  •  August 2nd, 2013

Without Pity

Korena Roberts fakes a pregnancy with twins to keep her boyfriend, and befriends Heather Snively, who is pregnant for real, but when the two women meet one day for shopping, Korena beats Heather to death and cuts the stillborn baby out of her stomach. Korena's lack of planning and inattention to detail in the murder plot is her undoing. In Toronto, Elva Bottineau and her husband Norman Kidman are serial child abusers who neglect and abuse their five-year-old grandson, Jeffrey, and his older sister, forcing them to live in squalor while continuing to collect their government support checks. Jeffrey dies of sepsis, and after his grandparents are brought to justice, Ontario law regarding background checks of caregivers is revised. After Rekha Kumari-Baker's divorce, her already turbulent relationship with her teenage daughters, Davina and Jasmine, goes from bad to worse. When Rekha's lover dumps her, Rekha stabs both of her daughters multiple times to punish her ex-husband, whom she blames for all of her problems.

Deadly Women S7E4
Episode 4  •  August 9th, 2013

Mean Teens

Wendy Gardner and her sister Kathy are being raised by their strict grandmother, Betty. When Wendy begins dating bad boy James Evans and becomes rebellious and sexually active, Betty decides to give her up to the custody of the state. Not about to be separated from James, Wendy has him strangle Betty, and the two killers hold Kathy hostage for several days. Teased at school because of her weight, Nakisha Waddell befriends fellow pariah Annie Belcher, who introduces her to drink and drugs, and Nakisha's close relationship with her mother, Vaughne, disintegrates. When Vaughne forbids her daughter to see her boyfriend, Nakisha stabs her mother 43 times. Showing no remorse, Nakisha is sentenced to 70 years in prison. Gina Grant is a straight-A student and a popular cheerleader, but her mother, Dot, is an alcoholic and disapproves of Gina's bad-boy boyfriend. In 1990, Gina beats her mother to death, but serves less than a year in prison. However, her deeds later cost her her acceptance to Harvard due to the lies on her application.

Deadly Women S7E5
Episode 5  •  August 16th, 2013

Vicious Vixens

Tracy Lee Poirier and Tamara Upton are child abuse survivors who turned to crime and violence to cope with their pasts. After meeting photographer Donald Fish in a bar, the women decide to rob him and lure him outside to be beaten senseless, then dispose of his unconscious body in a nearby river. In San Diego in 1987, Deana Wild befriends her boyfriend's mother, Virginia Reardon. After Deana dies in a fall at Big Sur, it is revealed that Virginia and her husband, Billy Joe McGinnis, took out a life insurance policy on her, and an investigation exposes the couple as serial insurance claimants and suggests that Virginia killed her own daughter for insurance money 15 years earlier. Tracie Andrews dreamed of being a model, but by her twenties, she is a stay-at-home mom with narcissistic personality disorder. Despite Tracie's extreme jealousy and violent temper, her boyfriend, Lee Harvey, continues to stand by her, until an argument results in Tracie stabbing Lee 42 times and trying to disguise the murder as an incident of road rage.

Deadly Women S7E6
Episode 6  •  August 23rd, 2013

Evil Guardians

Ellen Boehm is a struggling single mother of three who squanders her meager finances on expensive trips to wrestling matches, and even bankruptcy doesn't stop her. Overwhelmed, broke, and desperate, she smothers her two sons and tries to electrocute her daughter. She is currently serving two life sentences. After Dena Schlosser and her husband lose their business and their home, they join a charismatic church, and Dena devotes herself to church to the exclusion of everything else - including her children. Suffering from postpartum psychosis, Dena kills her infant daughter Maggie to "send her to heaven," but is acquitted of murder by reason of insanity and institutionalized for six years. Gemma Killeen and boyfriend Eddie Wetere have a young son, Kayden, but Gemma is too immature for motherhood, preferring partying to parenting. After Eddie finally walks out on her, Gemma leaves her son to drown at the beach, then tells investigators Kayden was abducted - unaware that her actions were caught on security cameras.

Deadly Women S7E7
Episode 7  •  August 30th, 2013

Wed to Murder

In 1982, Shirley Allen's family is dealt a tragic double blow when both Shirley's husband, Lloyd, and the family dog die from mysterious illnesses. Shirley's daughter Norma exposes her mother as a murderer who poisoned both Lloyd and her dog with antifreeze for Lloyd's life insurance money; Shirley is also suspected of murdering her previous husband in 1978 under similar circumstances. In early 20th century Memphis, Tennessee, Alma Theede is a prostitute who charms men with her sexuality, but becomes a serial wife who discards her husbands like garbage when she tires of them. This results in the deaths of three of her husbands, with Alma as either the murderer or the mastermind each time. Donna Horwitz has a long and turbulent on-again, off-again relationship with her ex-husband Lanny, but is deeply hurt by his cold, cruel demeanor and lack of attentiveness to her. After Lanny ends the relationship for good, Donna punishes him by shooting him ten times, then tries to disguise the murder as a suicide.

Deadly Women S7E8
Episode 8  •  September 6th, 2013

Lethal Teens

14-year-old Cinnamon Brown is convicted of murdering her stepmother, Linda, and while behind bars confesses the whole story: her father, David, was having an affair with Linda's sister and manipulated Cinnamon into killing by claiming Linda wanted him dead. Realizing that her father had also wanted her dead, Cinnamon helps send her father to prison for life. Danielle Black goes from good girl to Goth teen and begins having sex and cutting herself, much to the horror of her father, Billy. By spreading lies that Billy is an abusive father, she manipulates a friend who is a true child abuse survivor into killing her father on Halloween night. Jennifer Tombs is a preacher's daughter on the fast track to a life of crime. When her mother goes away on a trip and enlists family friend Latanya Lavallais to watch Jennifer, Jennifer sneaks several friends into the house for a party, then shoots Latanya five times in the head and tries to disguise the murder as a home invasion gone wrong.

Deadly Women S7E9
Episode 9  •  September 13th, 2013

Above the Law

When Stephanie Lazarus's former "friend-with-benefits" John Ruetten marries nurse Sherri Rasmussen, a jealous Stephanie abuses her power as a police detective to stalk, harass and finally murder Sherri. The case stays cold for over 20 years until DNA and a bite mark on the victim's neck help bring Stephanie to justice. In the 1940s, Georgia Tann is acclaimed for her work in adopting babies out to well-to-do childless couples, but she is really a cold-hearted monster who kidnaps babies from poor families and neglects the ones she finds unworthy of adoption. Georgia's neglect may have resulted in the deaths of as many as 500 babies, making her perhaps the most prolific female serial killer of all time. Brilliant scientist Ann Miller falls out of love with her husband Eric, but divorce isn't an option for the devout Catholic. Instead, she has her boyfriend, Derril Willard, poison Eric with arsenic. Derril later commits suicide after confessing his role in the murder to his attorney, and Ann gets a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Deadly Women S7E10
Episode 10  •  September 20th, 2013

Sadistic Souls

When a woman’s true passion is causing pain, her partner is in for a rocky ride. Love does not feature in their relationships, because these dangerous women are all too ready to kiss and kill.

Deadly Women S7E11
Episode 11  •  September 27th, 2013

Heartless Souls

When a woman's true passion is causing pain, her partner is in for a rocky ride. Love does not feature in their relationships, because these dangerous women are all too ready to kiss and kill.

Deadly Women S7E12
Episode 12  •  October 4th, 2013


When in love, some women no longer recognize the difference between right and wrong. If anyone blocks their path to true love, they bulldoze their way through, with lethal results. These Deadly Women have fire in their hearts when they seek ‘Vengeance'.

Deadly Women S7E13
Episode 13  •  October 11th, 2013

Dark Hearts

Not every woman's heart is filled with love and light. A dance teacher waltzes her way to financial gain; a daughter sows a murderous seed; and a lonely heart spawns a damaged mind. For these women, romance truly is dead, they possess 'Dark Hearts.'

Deadly Women S7E14
Episode 14  •  October 18th, 2013

Innocent Blood

Some women can't cope with raising a child. A young mom commits the ultimate act of betrayal; a jealous lover plots a horrible revenge; and twins becomes twice as hard for a housewife. These Deadly Women are willing to sacrifice ‘Innocent Blood'.

Deadly Women S7E15
Episode 15  •  October 25th, 2013

Double Trouble

Sometimes, a woman has a killer instinct when she meets her other half. These wicked women exert control over their partners to become the master puppeteer of a murderous plot. Acting as two on behalf of one, these Deadly Women are ‘Double Trouble'.

Deadly Women S7E16
Episode 16  •  November 1st, 2013

Killer Kin

Some women expect too much from their flesh and blood. When these Deadly Women convince their closest relatives to become a party to murder, they know their families won't let them down. Blood is thicker than water, when they enlist their "Killer Kin."

Deadly Women S7E17
Episode 17  •  November 8th, 2013

No Mercy

Some women don’t have a kind bone in their body. They take lives without a second thought. A mom sacrifices her son; a greedy book-keeper steals her way to murder and a teen takes her rebellion to shocking heights. These Deadly Women have "No Mercy."

Deadly Women S7E18
Episode 18  •  November 15th, 2013

Souls of Stone

Selfish women will sometimes sell their souls to the devil to get what they want. A scorned lover weaves a web of lies, a teenage Goth orders a reign of terror, and a gold-digger buries secrets in her basement. These Deadly Women have "Souls of Stone."

Deadly Women S7E19
Episode 19  •  November 22nd, 2013

Brutal Bride

A prim Californian woman chooses to commit a deadly sin rather than live with an immoral husband, a bustling housewife whips up a recipe for riches and greed drives two women to join a murderous poison ring.

Deadly Women S7E20
Episode 20  •  November 29th, 2013

Untamed Evil

A love-struck Texan will go to any lengths to keep her man, a gun-toting redhead shoots first and asks questions later, and a mother with a vile temper does the unthinkable to her tiny son.

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