'Dallas' Season 3 Episodes

Dallas S3E1
Episode 1  •  September 21st, 1979

Whatever Happened to Baby John? (1)

Sue Ellen suffers post-partum depression and becomes disinterested in her newborn child. Meanwhile, Cliff claims that John Ross is his son.

Dallas S3E2
Episode 2  •  September 28th, 1979

Whatever Happened to Baby John? (2)

Bobby suspects that Cliff is to blame when John Ross goes missing. Meanwhile, J.R. receives a 1 million dollar ransom demand.

Dallas S3E3
Episode 3  •  October 5th, 1979

The Silent Killer

When it is uncovered that Digger has a fatal genetic disorder, Cliff worries that he may have passed on the faulty gene to John Ross if indeed he is the father.

Dallas S3E4
Episode 4  •  October 12th, 1979


As Pam decides to not tell Bobby she's pregnant due to the family's genetic disorder, Val tries to convince Bobby to have Lucy meet with her.

Dallas S3E5
Episode 5  •  October 19th, 1979

The Kristin Affair

Kristin begins to pursue J.R. romantically after he gives her a summer job in his office. Meanwhile, Bobby learns the truth that Pam is pregnant before she makes a decision about having an abortion due to the risk of genetic defect.

Dallas S3E6
Episode 6  •  October 26th, 1979

The Dove Hunt

J.R. and Jock are both shot by a sniper when a man seeks revenge on the Ewing family during a hunting trip in Louisiana.

Dallas S3E7
Episode 7  •  November 2nd, 1979

The Lost Child

As Bobby bonds with the ranch hand's son, Pam informs him that their unborn child may have a fatal genetic defect. Meanwhile, J.R. hires a man to tail Sue Ellen.

Dallas S3E8
Episode 8  •  November 9th, 1979


At the annual Ewing rodeo, Sue Ellen develops a crush on Dusty Farlow, a cowboy, and Digger uses the event to find time to see John Ross.

Dallas S3E9
Episode 9  •  November 16th, 1979

Mastectomy (1)

Miss Ellie worries that her marriage will fal apart when she believes she has breast cancer. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen has a fling with Dusty, the cowboy; and Alan furthers J.R.'s plan.

Dallas S3E10
Episode 10  •  November 16th, 1979

Mastectomy (2)

Miss Ellie must cope with Jock and Lucy's poor reaction to her mastectomy. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen meets up with Dusty at a hotel.

Dallas S3E11
Episode 11  •  November 23rd, 1979

The Heiress

Lucy pursues Alan Beam. Pam confronts Bobby about trying to ruin Cliff and as she does so she inadvertently learns about J.R.'s oil deal in Asia.

Dallas S3E12
Episode 12  •  November 30th, 1979

Ellie Saves the Day

J.R. must admit that Southfork may be threatened when Asian oil drilling is delayed by storms and his loan on the property is due.

Dallas S3E13
Episode 13  •  December 14th, 1979

Mother of the Year

Sue Ellen's continuing post-partum depression and avoidance of John Ross begins to create conflict among the family. Meanwhile, Jock must sell the Asian oil leases in order to keep Southfork.

Dallas S3E14
Episode 14  •  December 20th, 1979

Return Engagements

Miss Ellie's sadness over Gary's birthday is short-lived when she learns the he and Val plan to marry in Dallas.

Dallas S3E15
Episode 15  •  December 21st, 1979

Love and Marriage

J.R. works to get Bobby back in the office so that Jock will be forced to say home. Pam surrounds herself with her work after losing her baby.

Dallas S3E16
Episode 16  •  January 4th, 1980

Power Play

Much to Kristin's surprise, J.R. convinces Alan to marry Lucy.

Dallas S3E17
Episode 17  •  January 11th, 1980

Paternity Suit

Digger admits to a reporter that Cliff is the father of John Ross. After the news breaks, a series of custody suits lead to a blood test that determines the paternity of John Ross once and for all.

Dallas S3E18
Episode 18  •  January 18th, 1980

Jenna's Return

As Sue Ellen continues to see Dusty, Bobby meets up with Jenna when Pam leaves town. Meanwhile, Ray and Donna second guess their relationship.

Dallas S3E19
Episode 19  •  February 1st, 1980

Sue Ellen's Choice

Sue Ellen receives pressure from Dusty to leave J.R., which ultimately leads Sue Ellen to ask for a divorce. Meanwhile, Bobby and Pam's marriage is also on shaky ground due to Jenna's return.

Dallas S3E20
Episode 20  •  February 8th, 1980

Second Thoughts

J.R. tries to convince Alan and Lucy to relocate to Chicago, but Jock works to find Alan a law partnership in Dallas.

Dallas S3E21
Episode 21  •  February 15th, 1980

Divorce - Ewing Style

When J.R. learns that Sue Ellen is having him followed, he strikes back by stopping her from taking John Ross away from him by proving she is drinking again.

Dallas S3E22
Episode 22  •  February 22nd, 1980

Jock's Trial (1)

Cliff investigation of the body found on Southfork leads him to suspect that Jock is to blame.

Dallas S3E23
Episode 23  •  February 29th, 1980

Jock's Trial (2)

Jock goes on trial for murder. Sue Ellen begins drinking heavily to deal with Dusty's death.

Dallas S3E24
Episode 24  •  March 14th, 1980

The Wheeler Dealer

J.R. continues to try to strike a deal for his Asian oil and Pam sets out to find information on her mother who is believed to be dead.

Dallas S3E25
Episode 25  •  March 21st, 1980

A House Divided

Bobby and Pam leave Southfork. Meanwhile, J.R. is shot following the nationalization of the Asian oil wells which ends up ruining competing oil wells.

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