'Castle' Season 6 Episodes

Castle S6E1
Episode 1  •  September 23rd, 2013


Beckett and Castle face the consequences of their decisions during a high-stakes investigation.

Castle S6E2
Episode 2  •  September 30th, 2013


Beckett races to find a stolen toxin capable of killing thousands of people; Castle has less than 24 hours to live after being exposed to the chemical weapon.

Castle S6E3
Episode 3  •  October 7th, 2013

Need to Know

Agents Beckett and McCord arrive to take over Castle and the guys' investigation into the death of a former child star, creating tension in the precinct.

Castle S6E4
Episode 4  •  October 14th, 2013

Number One Fan

A desperate murder suspect insists on negotiating with Castle.

Castle S6E5
Episode 5  •  October 21st, 2013

Time Will Tell

A murder suspect claims he has traveled back in time to prevent terrible events from unfolding.

Castle S6E6
Episode 6  •  October 28th, 2013

Get a Clue

As Castle and Beckett investigate the ritualistic murder of a young woman, they find strange symbols in the victim's apartment; Castle struggles with Alexis' decision to move in with Pi.

Castle S6E7
Episode 7  •  November 4th, 2013

Like Father, Like Daughter

Alexis asks Castle for help proving a death row inmate's innocence 72 hours before his execution, but they uncover a secret that could seal the man's fate.

Castle S6E8
Episode 8  •  November 11th, 2013

A Murder Is Forever

When a well-known relationship therapist is murdered, it seems that she was targeted due to the secrets she knew about her powerful and elite clients.

Castle S6E9
Episode 9  •  November 18th, 2013


When a woman who looks very similar to Lanie is murdered, the team thinks the killer may be targeting members of the 12th precinct.

Castle S6E10
Episode 10  •  November 25th, 2013

The Good, the Bad & the Baby

A dying man leaves a baby with a priest; Castle and Beckett end up taking care of the baby while they investigate.

Castle S6E11
Episode 11  •  January 6th, 2014

Under Fire

When Castle and Beckett discover that the victim of a building fire was actually shot to death, they get on the trail of a serial arsonist turned murderer. Meanwhile, Ryan's wife, Jenny, goes into labor, but disaster threatens to ruin the joyous moment.

Castle S6E12
Episode 12  •  January 13th, 2014

Deep Cover

The murder of a young video store clerk takes a strange turn when the team discovers his past history as a high-level hacker. But it's nothing compared to the shock Castle receives when their investigation leads them straight to his father, Jackson Hunt.

Castle S6E13
Episode 13  •  January 20th, 2014


When a rising young pop star is found dead in an alley, Castle and Beckett delve into the victim's out-of-control hard-partying lifestyle, but as they dig deeper, a shocking revelation threatens to rock their investigation.

Castle S6E14
Episode 14  •  January 27th, 2014

Dress to Kill

When the assistant to Modern Fashion Magazine's dictatorial editor Matilda King is found murdered, Castle and Beckett are thrust into the glitzy, ruthless world of high fashion in their search for the killer. Meanwhile Beckett's history in the modelling world gets her access to a very special wedding surprise.

Castle S6E15
Episode 15  •  February 17th, 2014

Smells Like Teen Spirit

The murder of a high school mean girl draws Castle back to one of his many alma maters, where he is giddy to learn that the evidence points to a surprising perpetrator, a teenage telekinetic, throwing he and Beckett into a real-life "Carrie."

Castle S6E16
Episode 16  •  February 24th, 2014

Room 147

A guilt-ridden woman confesses to a murder, but contradictory evidence and a second confession complicate the case.

Castle S6E17
Episode 17  •  March 3rd, 2014

In the Belly of the Beast

Beckett is asked to assist with a narcotics investigation; when a routine undercover operation goes awry, Beckett is faced with dangerous men from the New York underworld.

Castle S6E18
Episode 18  •  March 17th, 2014

The Way of the Ninja

When a Japanese ballet dancer is mysteriously murdered, Castle and Beckett’s investigation into her secret life uncovers evidence that she was killed by a ninja, and now that ninja is coming after them.

Castle S6E19
Episode 19  •  March 24th, 2014

The Greater Good

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a Wall Street trader, but the case takes a shocking turn when the they discover the victim was an undercover informant for the U.S. Attorney's office. To complicate matters further, the U.S. attorney involved is Elizabeth Weston, Captain Gates' estranged sister.

Castle S6E20
Episode 20  •  April 21st, 2014

That '70s Show

When construction workers find the body of an infamous New York mobster who disappeared in the seventies, Beckett and Castle try to solve this three decade-old Mafia hit. Unfortunately, their only witness is a man who thinks it's still the 1970s, so to uncover what he knows, they must play into his delusion, and party like it's the last days of disco.

Castle S6E21
Episode 21  •  April 28th, 2014

Law & Boarder

A mysterious motorcyclist shoots an up-and-coming professional skateboarder.

Castle S6E22
Episode 22  •  May 5th, 2014


Beckett becomes a suspect when a man she had been surveilling is killed.

Castle S6E23
Episode 23  •  May 12th, 2014

For Better or Worse

When a surprise threatens to spoil Castle and Beckett's wedding day, they set out on a wild mission.

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