Boston Public


'Boston Public' Season 2 Episodes

Boston Public S2E1
Episode 1  •  October 29th, 2001

Chapter Twenty-Three

New teachers join the faculty; Lipshultz gets into trouble.

Boston Public S2E2
Episode 2  •  November 5th, 2001

Chapter Twenty-Four

Ronnie begins her teaching career; Lauren tries to help a student get into Princeton.

Boston Public S2E3
Episode 3  •  November 12th, 2001

Chapter Twenty-Five

Senate learns that a prized student purchased a college-application essay.

Boston Public S2E4
Episode 4  •  November 19th, 2001

Chapter Twenty-Six

Harper's daughter (China Shavers) enrolls at Winslow High after being kicked out of private school.

Boston Public S2E5
Episode 5  •  November 26th, 2001

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Hanson catches Sharon being unfaithful, and seriously injures her lover, resulting in a slew of legal and school-related troubles; Guber’s reaction to Mrs. Peters’ sexual advances puts their relationship in jeopardy

Boston Public S2E6
Episode 6  •  December 3rd, 2001

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Guber searches for a thief, a student has a seizure, and Louisa and Marla form a band.

Boston Public S2E7
Episode 7  •  December 10th, 2001

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Harper reunites with his ex-wife; Senate keeps a boy's tragic secret.

Boston Public S2E8
Episode 8  •  January 7th, 2002

Chapter Thirty

A former student on death row asks Harper to witness his execution.

Boston Public S2E9
Episode 9  •  January 14th, 2002

Chapter Thirty-One

Harper enters the school in a contest for a $200,000 federal grant.

Boston Public S2E10
Episode 10  •  January 21st, 2002

Chapter Thirty-Two

Guber accepts Lauren's offer for an evening out.

Boston Public S2E11
Episode 11  •  January 28th, 2002

Chapter Thirty-Three

Harper explodes when he discovers that his daughter, Brooke, is dating a 27-year-old man.

Boston Public S2E12
Episode 12  •  February 4th, 2002

Chapter Thirty-Five

A student discovers a notebook containing plans for a bombing and shooting at Winslow; the school tries to accommodate a new student with cerebral palsy; Hendricks takes on some school bullies.

Boston Public S2E13
Episode 13  •  February 11th, 2002

Chapter Thirty-Six

Senate finds himself at a crossroads in his career after a student dies of cancer; Lauren tries to help an anorexic girl battle the disease; Jeremy Peters and Brooke Harper begin dating.

Boston Public S2E14
Episode 14  •  February 18th, 2002

Chapter Thirty-Four

Winslow High deals with the death of three students in a drunk-driving accident; Hendricks is assigned to temporarily supervise Meredith; Senate tries to keep an at-risk student from moving to another town.

Boston Public S2E15
Episode 15  •  February 25th, 2002

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Controversy strikes Hanson's classroom; Ronnie draws ire for a class assignment.

Boston Public S2E16
Episode 16  •  March 11th, 2002

Chapter Thirty-Eight

A magazine wants to take provocative photos of a female student.

Boston Public S2E17
Episode 17  •  March 18th, 2002

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Ronnie catches a student in a criminal act; two girls chat online with a man.

Boston Public S2E18
Episode 18  •  April 22nd, 2002

Chapter Forty

A 58-year-old man visits Lipschultz and claims to be his son.

Boston Public S2E19
Episode 19  •  April 29th, 2002

Chapter Forty-One

Ronnie throws a surprise birthday party for Senate.

Boston Public S2E20
Episode 20  •  May 6th, 2002

Chapter Forty-Two

Female students auction themselves as prom dates.

Boston Public S2E21
Episode 21  •  May 13th, 2002

Chapter Forty-Three

A student becomes involved in criminal acts that produce fatal results.

Boston Public S2E22
Episode 22  •  May 20th, 2002

Chapter Forty-Four

Winslow High struggle to get on with their lives after a number of tragic events.

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