Bryan Cranston Confirms 'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Mid-Season Split

The actor portraying Walter White reveals the first eight episodes will debut this summer, with the final eight episodes airing in 2013.
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Bryan Cranston confirms Breaking Bad Season 5 mid-season split
Bryan Cranston confirms Breaking Bad Season 5 mid-season split
Last week, we spoke with Breaking Bad star Betsy Brandt, who indicated the show's fifth and final season may be split into two, eight-episode halves. Series star Bryan Cranston confirmed the mid-season split, revealing the final eight episodes won't air until 2013.

"We're splitting it. We're going to shoot the first eight, then take a four-month production break, then the rest will air next year."

AMC has been coy on the issue, stating the mid-season hiatus is, "one scenario" currently being considered. The network also hasn't announced when Season 5 will debut yet, although it is believed to premiere sometime in July, most likely after Mad Men wraps up its current season.

Production started last week on the show's Season 5 Premiere in New Mexico, and the actor revealed this season starts directly after the Season 4 finale.

"We pick up right where we left off. We're cleaning up the pieces from last season's huge ordeal where Gus Fring was forced to meet his maker. It's not as easy as Walter thought. And as we've discovered over the years, you don't really know who Walter White is. I'm still discovering who he is and I'm trying to allow myself to be open to him going darker and darker. There's physical danger to himself and his family, plus there's the emotional danger due to his anger and hubris. It's about the evil that men do and where that takes him."

The series star is also expected to direct the ninth episode of Breaking Bad Season 5, which will be the first episode back after the production hiatus.

Breaking Bad episode 5.1, "Live Free or Die" stars Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks} and is directed by Michael Slovis}.

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