'American Horror Story' Season 2 Promo Art

This intriguing poster teases that the new season of FX's hit horror series may take place in a haunted hospital.
  • By TVweb  |  Feb 9, 2012
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UPDATE: 2/9/12 6:20 PM PST A representative from FX has informed us that this is fan art for American Horror Story Season 2.

Original Story: An intriguing promo poster has hit the internet for Season 2 of American Horror Story, which will debut in October. Back in December, series creator Ryan Murphy revealed that each season will take place in a different house or building, and, if this poster is legit, it seems Season 2 may take place in a haunted hospital...And may even be in 3D? Take a look at this poster below for Season 2 of American Horror Story. If you can find a pair of old red and blue 3D glasses, you might want to dust them off before looking at this poster.

American Horror Story Season 2 Promo Art

American Horror Story, which is created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, returns with Season 2 in October.

Sources: Spoiler TV

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