<strong><em>The Big Bang Theory</em></strong>

Movies You Haven't Seen with the Cast of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is the biggest comedy on television. And as it saturates syndication while continuing to rack up big numbers during its prime time debut of new episodes, more and more fans are becoming addicted to the wacky antics of Leonard and Sheldon, two brilliant but socially awkward physicists living together and working in Pasadena, California, as they juggle their relationships and friendships with Penny, Amy Farrah Fowler, Howard, Raj, Bernadette and Stuart. Before and during their long and successful 7 season run, the entire cast has contributed to some lesser known movies that you may have never seen or even heard about. If you've already watched every single episode of The Big Bang Theory at least twice, and are looking for a Bazinga fix before new episodes return in 2014 (or you're just looking for something weird and somewhat creepy to kill the time), maybe you want to check out these 10 obscure offerings from the cast.

1 Johnny Galecki (Leonard) in Bookies


Tagline: Risk is the biggest rush. Premise: Four years before talking on the now iconic role of Leonard Hofstadter, Johnny Galecki parlayed his easy charm and good nature into this hardly seen crime comedy playing Jude, one of four college friends who decide to start a small-time gambling operation out of their dorm room, only to find their success targeted by an organized crime syndicate lurking just outside the campus. Will their unexpected wealth and greed do them in? Bazinga Meter 1-10: 5.8 Bazingas!

The Big Bang Theory returns soon with new episodes on CBS. It can't be missed in syndication, just turn the TV on, and you'll find it. If you're in need of a little more, one of these movies is sure to do the trick!